From: Amy Tracy Wells 

To: ALA.Central(dlewis)


Subject: MARS minutes 1996 Midwinter/2 (fwd)

Monday, January 22th, 1996
Conference Center - Room 208

Present: Members: Denise Beaubien Bennett, E. Paige Weston, Elliot Kanter,
Nancy Bodner, Pat Reisenman, Laine Farley, Amy Tracy Wells.
Visitors: Stephen Dew, Lori Morse, Ann Jensen, Sandra Ballasch, Pamela C.
Sieving, Laurie Preston, Marcella Stark, Debbie Bezanson, Mary Mintz, Sean
Emmett Crumley, Cindy Cunningham, Janice Simmons-Welburn, Bernie Pasqualini,
Donna Hogan, Jennifer Heise, Lise Dyckman, Maureen Hammer, Becki Whitaker.

Handouts: MARS Agenda
Draft Minutes from Annual were distributed to those who did not have a

Meeting called to order at 9:35 by Denise Beaubien Bennett.

1. Reports of Officers:

Scheduling Coordinator: Ann Jensen: Only complaints inregards to the new
scheduling arrangements i.e. having scheduling several meetings
simultaneously in the same room concerned noise and confusion over

MARS Historian: Pat Riesenman: (In responded to previous question) Yes,
MARS has co-sponsored programs in the past. Old copies of Minutes are
missing. A template has been developed for Messages from MARS to aid
writing and consistency with Amy Tracy Wells:
1) Message from the Chair
2) Nominations for Office - Oct/Dec
3) Election Results - April/June or July/September (Ideally by   Annual)
4) List of ExComm Members with Committee Liaison Responsibities -
April/June or July/September (Ideally by Annual)
5) Committee Chairs - Oct/Dec
6) RASD/MARS Schedule - April/June and Oct/Dec
7) Membership Totals - April/June
8) MARS Program Report - July/September
9) Committee Reports - Jan/March and July/Sept
10) MARS Program Promotion - Jan/March
11) Instructions for subscribing to MARS-L (per Denise in every  issue)
12) RASD/MARS Gopher Site - April/June and Oct/Dec
It was decided to also include:
Achievement Awards - July/Sept
Call for Nominations - July/Sept (with repeats as necessary)
Next Issue to Include - very issue

Messages from MARS Editor: Amy Tracy Wells: Question: Should MARS-L
include all of MARS membership. Response: Information on MARS-L inlcuding
subscription information should be sent to everyone but subscription
should be voluntary.

2. Reports of Committees and Discussion Groups:

Local Systems and Services: Laurie Preston: LSAS would like to expand
Page to general evaluations and design conciderations. Would like to
present discussion for Annual on WWW access to online catalogs and
bibliographic databases and create a page for advertisement. Per Denise
Beaubien Bennett, RASD Board and Publications has stated that we can
create pages for loading onto or pointing to the ALA site.

Publications: Stephen Dew: Nancy Buchanan is the 1996-1997 Chair of
Publications. An annotated bibliography of all past MARS publications has
been developed which will hopefully be published in the Spring edition of
RQ. New publications are welcomed: forms can be found in the Handbook.
Products and Services will be sending in two. Question: does a
publication intended for RQ need to go through MARS Publications? Answer:
Yes. RQ is looking for an Editor. Interviews in NY.

1996 Preconference: Cindy Cunningham: Title is: Creating a Digital
Library Presence: Designing, Organizing and Executing an Electronic Page.
RASD has recommended 90-95 persons for a Preconference. The hope is to
keep the cost per person to $75.00.

User Access to Services: Lise Dyckman: Discussion topic entitled: Using
Electronic Media to do Reference to include e-mail and chat to provide
support for internal and external users and defining personnel for
specific subject areas.

Hot Topics: Debbie Bezanson: Noted that in 1998 all of government
publications are to be in electronic format and the trend toward merging
of Reference and Government Documents Departments. Possible topic:
favorite/not favorite government publications.

Managers in MARS Discussion: Jennifer Heise for Doris Ann Sweet: Jennifer
Heise is the Incoming Chair/Chair Elect.

3. Reports of Section Representatives:

RASD Organization: Bernie Pasqualini: Results of the SUPPS Review was the
decision to disband SUPPS. MARS Review is scheduled for June 1997.
Guidelines for review are available in the RASD Handbook. The process is
a self-study but does require the creation of a committee.

RASD Planning and Finance: E. Paige Weston: Meeting will occur as a
conference call.

RASD Board: Denise Beaubien Bennett: Recommended that the MARS logo
should be displayed on a MARS page at . RASD/ALCTS is hosting
a program in 1997 entitled Collection and Services Roles for Digital
Reference. They are looking for speakers. On the ALA reorganization
proposal, there is a need to coordinate ACRL, LITA timeslots for meetings
and programs which would do more than the proposed reorganization. New
rosters will be e-mailed.

RASD Membership: Mary Mintz: Alicia McManus is devloping a page for RASD
Membership recruitment and retention which will include an interest form.
RASD/MOPS is cosponsoring a program in NY designed for recruitment and
retention. Each sectionis to staff a table. RASD Booth needs volunteers.
Membership is planning to visit Library Schools and explain ALA's
organization and benefits. Membership plans to explore possibility of an
RASD $500.00 grant for a student to attend ALA.

1996 Nomiation Committee: Bernie Pasqualini: Nancy Bodner and Amy Tracy
Wells are running for Vice Chair/Chair Elect. Lise Dyckman is running for
Member-at-Large for Amy Tracy Wells.

4. Old Business:

a) Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks: an
Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights. LITA has recommended
document be revamped concidering the following: economic, age, security
and privacy issues. Candace Morgan is the Chair of ALA Intellectual
Freedom Committee. Denise Beaubien Bennett to present motion to RASD
Board for MARS to play a role in the development of this document/policy.
Discussion that Bill provides goals for libraries to aspire to;
security/financial issues often mask censorship issues; and a possible
backlash against ALA. Sandra Ballasch, Lise Dyckman and Cindy Cunningham
volunteered to contribute. Resolution: "Since the Library Bill of Rights
to Electronic Access is central to the work of MARS that MARS be involved
in the creation of any document produced to explian or interpret the

5. New Business:

a) MARS and MRLT: Donna Hogan: Discussion of mentoring working
bidirectionally throughout ALA.

b) LITA Liaison: Maureen Hammer: Maureen Hammer was introduced.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35.

MARS ExComm / Monday, part 2 / Midwinter 1996 /