From: Amy Tracy Wells 

To: ALA.Central(dlewis)

CC: Stacey Kimmel 

Subject: MARS minutes Midwinter 1996/3 (fwd)

Tuesday, January 23th, 1996
Hyatt Rio Grande C

Present: Members: Denise Beaubien Bennett, E. Paige Weston, Elliot Kanter,
Nancy Bodner, Pat Reisenman, Laine Farley, Amy Tracy Wells.
Visitors: Debbie Bezanson, Terri Wasburn for Janice Simmons-Welburn, Doris
Ann Sweet, Marcella Stark, Bernie Pasqualini, Becki Whitacker, Pat Clark.

Meeting called to order at 9:35 by Denise Beaubien Bennett.

1. General Business:

MARS Programs: Discussion over whether evaluations are necessary and, if
so, how they can be conducted i.e. program participants or informal
methods. MARS-L was decided to be an appropriate mechanism.

2. Reports of Officers:

MARS Historian: Pat Riesenman: Is working on synthesizing a historical
account of the Committees work. This review may assist the Section review
scheduled for June 1997. Site visits will be made prior to review,
specifically, Midwinter 1997.

Messages from MARS Editor: Amy Tracy Wells: Discussion of this role
acting as a publications committee by virtue of the fact that the
assignment entails posting information electronically to ALA gopher/WWW

3. Reports of Committees and Discussion Groups:

Awards: Members-At-Large:Laine Farley: A nomination for My
Favorite Martian has been advanced.
 Nancy Bodner: MOPPS is looking for a co-sponsor for a program. Topic:
Patron Initiated Service. Conatct Nada Vaughn --

Education, Training and Support: Marcella Stark: A bibiliography on
evaluation points for WWW development is under development. To combine
efforts with Local Systems and Services, which is undertaking a similar

Management: Terri Washburn for Janice Simmons-Welburn: Management is
considering their function including the need for its existence and
possible focus.

1997 Program: Pat Clark: Topic for San Fransisco 1997 is Development of
Staff Training with Video Conferencing. They are looking for assistance
in the areas of possible co-sponsors (LITA) and host sites (NIST).

4. Reports of Section Representatives:

RASD Membership: Mary Mintz: Discussion of recruitment and retention
within ALA and RASD. Call for volunteers.

5. Old Business:

a) Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks: an
Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights. Resolution expanded to
include the following, "Since MARS is in the front-line of implementing,
enforcing and defending..."

b) Support for RASD National Conference or Regional Institute: An
Institute model was proposed entitled: Putting it All Together: Planning
Services and Collections for the New Millenium with four group tackes
including, planning, managing, delivering and evaluating. Possibilty of
committees expanding projects into programs for the institute for October
1998. Question was raised, why not Fall 1997? Possible sites include
Memphis, Kansas City and Baltimore. Proposal Committee to continue
refining idea and report back before Annual.

c) RASD Name Change: This proposal may appear on the ballot and requires
a simple majority. Reasons for possible change were reiterated:
"Division" is seen as "less than" an "Association" and "Adult Services"
is not viewed as broad enough, up-to-date and there might be a non-family
i.e. XXX  interpretation.
Choices include:
     (ARIS) Association for Reference and Information Services
     (ARLIS) Association for Library Reference and Information Services
     (ARPS) Association for Reference and Public Services
     (RAPSA) Reference and Public Services Association
     (RIOS) Reference, Information and Outreach Services
     (RIPS) Reference, Information and Public Services
     (RISA) Reference and Information Services Association

Decision to bring to RASD Board a "yes" vote on change, that the term
"Reference" should be featured and possibly the name (RISA)Reference and
Information Services Association.

d) Copyright Statement: While a decision is being made, this statement
should be crossed-out and initialed.

6. New Business:

There is a proposal before RASD Board to limit the number of programs to
10 per Conference to generate greater support.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05.

MARS ExComm / Tuesday, part 3 / Midwinter 1996 /