ALA Annual Conference 1996
MARS ExComm minutes
Monday, July 8

Present:  ExComm:  Denise Bennett, Paige Weston, Amy Tracy
Wells, Peggy Seiden, Laine Farley, Elliot Kanter
Guests:  Cindy Cunningham, Stephen Dew, Jennifer Heise,
Laurie Preston, Lise Dyckman, Marcella Stark, Pat Hawthorne,
Bernie Pasqualini, Andrea Copeland, Lori Morse, Pat Clark,
Nancy Buchanan, William McHugh, Lois Pausch, Bob Heriard

Preconference:  Cindy Cunningham
After skimming the Preconference evaluations, Cindy
Cunningham reported that 31 of the 48 respondents graded the
Preconference as interesting and valuable.  15 participants
admitted to being RASD members; 11 said they were not.
Participants indicated support for local/regional workshops,
particularly in the areas of team-building and support.

Publications:  Stephen Dew
To prepare for selecting a new MARS-L/Messages From MARS
editor and a new MARS Home page coordinator, we need to
review the current assignment on page 11 of the MARS Handbook
and modify it into two assignments.  Applicants for the
positions will be interviewed at Midwinter by Nancy Buchanan,
Amy Tracy Wells, and Denise Bennett.  From the RASD
Publications level comes a discussion question:  Should the
MARS Publications Committee have "prepublication" review
responsibilities for home pages created by MARS committees???
The Publications Committee brought forth, and ExComm recommended,
that the document "Twenty Years of Mars in Print: An Annotated
Bibliography" be submitted for publication in RQ.  The Bibliography
will be published in the Spring 1997 issue of RQ.

Products & Services:  Bob Heriard
The Committee is reviewing changes needed in RQ guidelines.
The document focuses on bibliographic databases -- should the
committee treat full text and numeric databases as well???
The committee will clarify its charge on reviewing sources,
examining indexing, and examining pricing models.

Member at Large:  Laine Farley
Should the current MARS logo be redesigned, or at least
redrafted, for better copying and easier insertion into print
and electronic documents?

Local Systems and Services:  Laurie Preston
Approximately 30 people attended the LSS discussion forum on
web interfaces.  The LSS Committee will be reworking the LSS
home page.

Managers in MARS Discussion:  Jennifer Heise
Approximately 30 people attended the Managers in MARS
discussion on electronic journals.  Marcella Stark is the
discussion group's vice-chair.

User Access to Services:  Lise Dyckman
Online catalog use has been studied well.  However, we have
lots of anecdotal, but little statistical data on web usage
by our patrons.  The committee is considering undertaking a
study on web usage, with thought to its applicability to
vendor relations.

Education, Training and Support:  Marcella Stark
The committee is in transition, having completed the
bibliography for the MARS Preconference.  A possible future
project is to develop "bluesheets" for Internet search

LITA liaison:  Pat Hawthorne for Maureen Hammer
LITA will sponsor a program on The Information Highway -- the
telecommunications industry after deregulation -- hooking up
the "last mile" to service.

RASD Organization:  Bernie Pasqualini
The RASD Organization Committee has approved the History
Section's self-study.  They are currently coping with the
disbanding of SUPPS, whose committees are moving into MOPSS.
The group discussed the appropriateness of MARS offering to
adopt the MOPSS Catalog Use Committee.

RASD Access to Information:  Andrea Copeland
Copyright statement on acceptance forms is a hot topic.  Each
division in ALA is treating/interpreting the provisions differently,
and uniformity must be established before the clause is enforced.

Public Libraries:  Lori Morse
The program for San Francisco would run best in a studio
facility or some area that includes a phone line with a
speaker phone.  A budget of $800 has been granted for the

MARS-L/Messages/Home Page:  Amy Tracy Wells
The scope of MARS-L is restricted due to current RASD
guidelines, so an RASD ad hoc group will discuss
communication channels:  print, listserves, web pages.
Rumors abound that LITA will no longer sponsor the Internet
Room.  The group discussed the critical nature of the
Internet Room to support conference activities, and in
particular how its existence permits some MARS members to
attend conferences since they can continue the work of their
institutions remotely.  MARS will present a resolution to the
RASD Board, requesting continuing support of the Internet
Room in some fashion (connectivity without instructional
support would be adequate) at conferences.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30.