ALA Annual Conference 1996
MARS ExComm minutes
Tuesday, July 9

Present:  ExComm:  Denise Bennett, Pat Riesenman, Laine
Farley, Elliot Kanter, Amy Tracy Wells
Guests:  Marcella Stark, Lise Dyckman, Jennifer Heise, Lee

The meeting was called to order at 9:30.

Management:  Lee Dalzell
The Management Committee will break into 3 groups to explore
and establish a concrete committee-wide project.  Members
will discuss via a listserv.  The group agreed that if folks
outside a committee wish to join a committee listserve, they
should contact the committee chair for permission.  The
Management Committee will continue to define the relationship
between it and the Managers in MARS discussion group.
Jennifer Heise mentioned the oddity of the procedure for
electing discussion group vice-chairs.  Pat Reisenman
clarified that MARS recommended appointing discussion vice-
chairs during the last MARS Section Review, but either the
RASD or ALA level dictates that sections must elect
discussion group leaders.  This topic should be addressed in
the upcoming section review.

MARS Handbook
The RASD table appeared to run out of available copies of the
updated MARS Handbook early in the conference, to the dismay
of many Martians.  The migration of the MARS Handbook to the
MARS home page should provide another option for committee
chairs and others to access needed sections and forms.
Committee chairs requested an additional section to the MARS
Handbook on "tips for committee chairs" that will include
improvisational techniques for situations such as room
assignment snafus when the ALA Program lists one location and
the MARS flyers list another.

 MARS 20th anniversary
At the 1996 Midwinter meeting, MARS ExComm agreed to postpone
a major section bash until the 25th anniversary.  However,
since Martian Kathleen Kluegel will be the RUSA Chair in
1997, she has already budgeted for some MARS celebrating.
She asked if MARS would object to a small reception (party
food at the Program, perhaps), and Denise Bennett told her
there would be no objections!

Scheduling Coordination
In the continuing evaluation of scheduling many MARS
committee meetings in one room, committee chairs voiced a
preference for a much larger room to reduce babble and
squeezing.  In a larger room, a few long tables might prove
preferable to round tables.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00.