ALA Minwinter Conference 1997
MARS Executive Committee  Minutes
Saturday February 15, 1997

Present: ExComm: Denise Bennett, Amy Wells, Marcella Stark, Elliot
Kanter, Pat Reiseman, ex officio: Nancy Bodner, Paige Weston. Committee
Chairs: Nancy Buchanan, Arlie Sims, Nicholas Roselli, Jennifer Heise,
Peggy Seiden, Linda Friend, Pat Clark, Lyman Ross, Julia Rholes, Brenda
McDonald. Visitors: Hal Mendelsohn, Naomi Lederer, Karen Diaz, Juleigh Clark

Meeting was called to order at 2 PM.
A. Orientation

1. Introductions:
a.Committee members and chairs were introduced Committee rosters were
routed. Return corrected rosters to Paige Weston by the end of

b.Volunteer forms and Membership Status Reports go to Amy Wells. Copies
of      committees minutes and committee products should be sent to Amy
Wells, Paige Weston, Julia Rholes (Chair of Planning Committee) and
committee's ExComm liaison.

B. Announcements:

1. MARS News
a. Members were encouraged attend and participate in the Hot Topics
Discussion Forum, scheduled Sunday morning from 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM.
Nicholas Roselli  has agreed to chair Hot Topics

b.Representatives were solicited to attend the LITA Program Planning
MARS is co-spsonsoring the LITA program at Annual

2, RUSA  News

a. Will again consider the copyright statement on the committee
appointment form. ALA maintains that it holds copyright on all committee

b.Paige drew attention to report of the ALA Structure Revision Task
Force.  The report essentially said nothing needs overhauling.

c. RUSA Program Coordinating (Peggy Seiden). Two preconferences are
planned for Annual Conference: The History Section is planning a program
on genealogical research, the  BRASS offering is "International
Governments: Providing Business and Economic Information."

3. Non MARS meetings of interest.

a. There is Sunday morning session on merging libraries and computing
centers which promises to be an introduction to the culture conflict
discussion organized by the Managers in MARS Discussion Group scheduled
for Sunday afternoon.

b. Lise Dyckmann noted that that the Freedom to Read Foundation has
available arguments developed by ALA, ACLU and the Justice Department in
conjunction with CDA ( Communications Decency Act. case before the
Supreme Court. It was agreed that it would be appropriate to post these
materials on MARS-L.

C. Committees, Task Forces, Liaison representatives, and Coordinator Reports

1. Education, Training, and Support. (Arlie Sims). Considering developing
"blue sheets" for search engines, or project dealing with faculty liaison.

2. Local Systems (Lyman Ross) Projects include beefing up the committee's
web site and evaluation of Web interfaces to OPACS. Also considering the
role of reference in designing homepages, and guidelines for developing a
good reference Website.

3. Nominating (Peggy Seiden). Nancy Bodner and Lise Dyckman agree to run
for vice-chair, Bill McHugh and Doris Ann Sweet for member-at-large.
Committee completed all of its work via email.

4. Planning  (Julia Rholes) There are plenty of copies of the handbook at
this meeting.
Working with Amy on her goals and objectives for 1998.

5. Products and Services (Linda Friend) Considering again sponsoring open
forums with vendors. Developing a committee presence on the Web.

6. Program.( Pat Clark) Program title: "How to plan, implement, and
deliver a teleconference for staff training." Speakers have confirmed,
committee is working on a draft brochure, glossary and bibliography.
Information available on the Web at

7. Program 98 (Peggy Seiden) Considering topics : the value of the
Internet, faculty who incorporate the Web in to their intellectual life,
scalability of search engines, information, user studies.

8. Public Libraries  (Brenda McDonald). Program for Annual Conference
"Technology and Reference for Persons with Disabilities." Program
scheduled on June 28 9:30 AM-12:30 PM.  Working on handouts and Web site.
Committee was encouraged to seek cosponsors for program in the Public
Library Association by posting to the ALA Conference planning Listserv.
Committee is also working on updating their glossary.

9.  Publications (Nancy Buchanan). "Twenty Years of MARS in Print" will
be published in RQ in the spring. Jian Liu has been appointed the
Messages from MARS editor. Interviewing a candidate to manage MARS-L at
their next meeting at this conference.
Distributed a model for new MARS logo. The MARS red planet graphic met
with overwhelming approval, but consensus was the draft logo needs a
modern typeface Additional examples will be posed to the Web for members
to examine. Committees  are advised not put more information on gophers
but rather concentrate on Web publishing.

There was some overall discussion on what sorts of materials could go on
the Web without Publications Committee review. The Publications
Committee will define examples of items which are appropriately
displayed as a commmittee's work without the assistance of Publications
vs. those which are, in fact, more formal documents and which are
required to move through the publications process.

Committee chairs are encouraged to use local servers to post draft
materials for review.

10. Hot Topics (Roselli) --See announcements.

11. Managers in MARS (Jennifer Heise) Program scheduled for 4:30pm Sunday
afternoon.  Raised issues of setting up guest books and short term
listservs whereby interested members could continue discussion after
meetings. Was encouraged to pursue with disucssion group members.

12. Scheduling (Sara Brownmiller)  Thanked for posting the excellent
scheduling calendars.
14 . Awards (Elliot Kanter) Two candidates for the "My Favorite Martian

15. New Members ( Donna Hogan). See notes on forms above.

D. Other Business

1. Minutes  Will be distributed electronically. Members are submit
corrections within ten working days or minutes will stand as trasncribed.

2. Agreed to co-sponsor the GODORT on program GILS. Consensus: we need to
so-sponsor meetings is we are to continue to solicit co-sponsors for our
programs, recruit to the Section, reduce Association-wide duplication of
programming effort, and reduce the number of schedule conflicts.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM

Transcribed by
Marcella Stark
MARS Secretary

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