MARS Executive Committee

Minutes Monday February 17, 1997

Present: ExComm: Denise Bennett, Marcella Stark, Amy Wells, Paige Weston.
Lise Dyckman, Nancy Bodner, Elliot Kanter, Pat Reiseman. Committee
Chairs: Nancy Buchanan, Pat Clark, Nicolas Rossell, Lyman Ross, Jennifer
Heise, Linda Friend, Julia Roles, Peggy Seiden. Visitors: Jian Liu,
Robert Heriad, Susan Hocker for Users Access to Services Committee) Hal
Meeting was called to order at 9:30 am

A.Announcements from RUSA Board meeting

1. RUSA Board rejected the copyright statement. Experimenting with voting
via email. Seeking a new deputy Director. Preconference lost about
$500.00. Half-day preconferences are as expensive to produce as all day
conferences Exploring selling electronic rights to RQ to more vendors.
Currently only IAC has rights.

2. Jian Liu--new editor of Messages from Mars was introduced.

B. Committee Reports

1. Hot Topics. (Nicolas Roselli) 16 people attended session. Topics
covered: services beyond the library, using the Web for instruction,
full-text databases.

2. Products and Services: (Linda Friend) Discontinued languishing project
on online searching guidelines. Attempting to organize a session/forum at
Annual with vendors to discuss pricing models for electronic resources.
Also considering on a session on  negotiating contracts. Looking to
develop an enhanced Web presence for the Committee.

3. User Access to Services (Susan Hocker) Looking for user studies of the
Web and developing a publication. Will see if they can gather enough
information for a Forum at MidWinter 98.

4. Local Systems and Services.(Lyman Ross) Updating their Web site.
Evaluating Web Interfaces to commercial databases. Looking at how easy it
is to integrate a product into a Web Site.
Long term project--looking to develop a program or publication
self-evaluation guides for Web sites.

5.. Managers in Mars--Jennifer Heise, 18  people attended program,"The
Ghost in the Machine: Dealing with Culture Conflicts."  Topics
covered: Standarization, training, working in cross-fucntional teams,
learning each other's language, don't try to do it all.

Raised issue of relationship between the  DG and the Managment Committee.
Participants supported have DG follow committe meeting.

6.. Program 98 (Peggy Seiden) Working title: "Who are Our Users and What
are They Doing". Seeking speakers who have broad based knowledge of
information seeking behaviors, including have someone from AOL or
Compuserve talk about what their users do. Hope to follow program with
small workshops user surveys.

7. MARS-L (Amy Wells) Currently has 302 subscribers. Addresses will be
updated in standard directories of E-conferences.

8.LITA Program--Annual Conference (Denise Bennett) MARS is
co-sponsoring. Topic: Universal Access to Tomorrow: Silicon Valley Meets
the Library.  Speakers John Gage and Paul Saffo with a panel of librarian
responders. Planning for 500 participants.

9. Publications (Nancy Buchanan).  Reviewed MARS brochure. Text needs to
focus on the benefits and opportunities of MARS members. Recommended
including committee interest form on the brochure. Draft of new brochure
will be posted on MARS-L.

10. RUSA Standards and Guidelines (Nancy Buchanan for Marilyn Grant)
Approved Guidelines for newsletters covering genealogical research (?)

9. RUSA membership (Nancy Buchanan) Discussed booth at Annual Conference.
ALA is planning a single booth at the entrance to the exhibits so the
people can get information about the entire organization. Staffing
arrangements have yet to be worked out with the divisions and sections.

10. RUSA Publications (Nancy Buchanan) MOPPS has changed its name to
(Management of Users Services and Systems). Committee has identified a
need to do more soliciting of publications arising out programs and
preconferences. Publication sales keep down dues.  Reviewing candidates
for editor of Update.


Report needs to be submitted by the end of Annual Conference (Elliot Kanter).
Review of points to consider.

1. Can we doing anything  to relax the requirement that committee members
attend two conferences a year?

We agreed that committee chairs may, at their discretion, cancel committee
meetings at a conference. Depending on the nature of their project,
committees can accept the contributions of committee members who are
unable to attend ( who arrange to be excused to be excused from)
committee meetings at conference.

2. What are the proper roles of the Managers in MARS Discussion Group and
the Management Committee. do we need both? How to they relate to MOUSS?

MOUSS deals with broad issues of managing Reference. MARS deals with
specific issues of managing electronic resources. The target audience for
the DG group: Web managers, electronic resources coordinators.  Should
target those individuals who are responsible to managing the electronic
resources. Meeting time could be arranged so that Discussion Group
follows committee meetings to increase attendance.

3. Do we need a Web Issues Discussion Group.
Hot Topics was organized to that latest trends in electronic resources
would have a forum. Web issues fall into that category.

4. Are issues surrounding the use of non-text resources in
machine-assisted reference work covered adequately by existing  MARS
Discussion centered on the need for both discussion groups to formulate
topics and get topic announced  to a broad audience. DG chairs should
consider soliciting ExCom for  topics. Chair should also take time at the
meeting to solicit participants for topics. Chairs might develop a email
list participants in the Discussion Group and solicit for topics.

5. Should the Program Planning committee have some kind of oversight
responsibility for the quality of AV presentations at MARS Program. Peggy
Seiden volunteered to provide materials developed by ACRL that can
adapted and put the files of the Program Committee and the MARS handbook.
longer an issue for section review.

6. What is the best way to ensure that program proposals that come before
the RUSA Program Committee are as strong as they can be and benefit from
the experience of past program planners? Is the chair of the current
Program Planning Committee (PPC) the best  Representative to the RUSA PPC.

Discussed the need for more continuity on Program Committee membership.
Chair needs to have served on the committee and to be a veteran of the
process.  The 1998 Committee consists of individuals who have served on
previous MARS  and RUSA Program Committees.

7. Should MARS  offer to take the MOPSS Catalog Use Committee under its wing?
MOPSS reorganization is no longer an issue. May want to look for ways to
collaborate with the Catalog Use Committee.

8. How should the duties of the Publications Committee, MARS-L
coordinator, and Messages editor best be allocated? Believe this has been
all set with the job descriptions that were developed for the new positions.

9. Committee review checklist. Committees are to answer questions. Both
topical and administrative committee will comply to the best of their

Meeting adjourned at 11:55 am.

Transcribed by
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MARS Secretary


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