Mars Executive Committee MidWinter 1997
Tuesday February 18, 1997

Meeting was called to order at 9:35 AM.

Present: ExComm Amy Wells. Denise Bennett, Paige Weston, Elliot Kanter,
Pat Reisemann, Committee Chairs: Arlie Sims, Lee Dalzell, Visitors: Hal
Mendelsohn, Andrea Copeland for  the Public Libraries Committee

1. Announcements
a. RUSA Board: New Update Editor: Beth Woodard, University of Illinois
b. Appointed a Task Force to review funding for publications in response
to an author with a contract with ALA Editions who approached the Board
for funding for a survey.  Groups considering publication were again
reminded to go through channels and to begin by submitting a proposals to
the Publications Committee.
c. ALA has narrowed down candidate list for Executive Director. Majority
of candidates under consideration do not have an graduate degree in
library science.
d,  MARS Program in San Francisco will be traditional, a high tech
program with low-tech presentations. Satellite hook-ups are very costly

2. Committee Reports
a. Public Libraries (Andrea Copeland)  Located an additional speaker for
program at Annual, an individual who manages an agency that locates
positions for persons with disabilities .On Monday morning, there is tour
of the services for persons with disabilities provided by the San
Francisco Public Library. Tour organizing would like MARS to
co-sponsor.This time conflicts with GODORT GILS Program MARS is
co-sponsoring. Current policy is not to co-sponsor simultaneous programs.
conflicts. Pat Resiseman will check if there has been cosponsor-ship of
simultaneous programs in the past.

b. Management Committee (Lee Dalzell). Planning a Discussion Forum ( in
conjunction with Managers in Mars) at San Francisco on teleconferencing
covering services such as Global School House, World Bank, CUSeeMe. Topic
will link with MARS program on teleconferencing. Committee will contact
scheduling coordinator Sara Brownmiller to see if Discussion Group can
follow immediately after the Committee meeting.

Also discussed factors that are driving the selection process of
electronic resources including circumstances that are out the librarian's
control , i.e. consortial arrangements or institutional commitments.. The
RUSA Program is San Francisco is dealing with some of these issues but is
focused on large academic libraries. Committee was advised that if they
worked on these issues as they relate to college and public libraries,
they could provide a major service to librarians in those institutions.

c. Education, Training and Support (Arlie Sims.) Working on ways to
continually evaluate search engines and websites; trying to define
appropriate methodologies for doing so. Alicia McManus will set-up a
temporary closed Web site where committee members can send information.
Looking forward to an Open Forum in a year. Were advised to test
databases using the identical searches and to develop and then publish
sample searches that trainers could use to determine the best search
engine for given topics or fields.  Committee will complete its work for
the section review via email and submit a report at the end of March.

3. Section Review.

a. Laranye Dallas, Chair of RUSA Organizations would like to have all
materials from this section review in hand for review at the committee's
Monday (June 28) meeting in San Francisco. Goal is to get materials to
her a couple of weeks before conference. Organizations committee can also
complete work on section review via email after Conference.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:35 am

Minutes transcribed by
Marcella Stark MARS Secretary

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