June 27, 1997
Hyatt Regency Hotel

Members Present: Executive Committee: Denise Bennett, Nancy Bodner, Lise
Dyckman, Eliot Kanter, Pat Riesenman, Marcella Stark, Amy Tracy Wells,
Paige Weston, Committee Chairs and Liaisons: Andrea Copeland, Sara
Brownmiller, Nancy Buchanan, Lee Dalzell, Jennifer Heise, Bob Heriard
(for Products and Services), Donna Hogan,Naomi Lederer,  Jian Liu, Brenda
MacDonald, William McHugh, Lori Morse, Julia Rholes, Nicholas Rosselli,
Arlie Sims. Visitors:  Natalie Power.

Amy Tracy Wells called the meeting to order at 2:02 PM.

A. Orientation
1. Those present introduced themselves.
2. Elections Results: Lise Dyckman, Incoming Chair: Bill McHugh,
3. Conference agenda was reviewed.
4. Amy Wells distributed information for new chairs. Chairs are
encouraged to work with their ExCom Liaison and Julia Rholes, Chair of
Planning so insure that the work of the Section is coordinated.

B. Announcements

1. The new MARS brochure was distributed. Brochures will be available at
the program and the membership booth.  Paige Weston noted that ALA
President  Barbara Ford wants to develop a virtual association: Ms. Ford
wants to develop electronic conferences and use electronic communication
to enable more members to participate in the Association.

2. Paige Weston reported that currently MARS has 2200 members drawn from
academic, special and public libraries. MARS will continue to recruit
from those groups but anyone who works with users and serves as an
intermediary between users and electronic resources should consider MARS

C. Committee Reports
1. Local Systems. No report.
2. Program Planning (Paige Weston). MARS Program is scheduled for Sunday
3. Public Libraries (Brenda MacDonald). Program is on Sunday. Program
will be accompanied exhibits of products for persons with disabilities.
4. Hot Topics (Nicholas Rosselli). Topics for the conference is "Beyond
the Wall".
5. Managers in MARS Discussion Group (Jennifer Heise) Program is Monday
morning. Donna Hogan has agreed to run for incoming chair. Topic using
new technologies to deliver reference services.
6. Education, Training, and Support (Arlie Sims) Committee developed and
submitted a Web page on the evaluation of Web pages to the Publications
7. Products and Services (Bob Heriard) Planning a brainstorming session
to develop committee projects.
8. Planning (Julia Rholes) No report.
9. MARS-L (Jian Liu) . Currently has 327 subscribers, two-thirds of whom
are in higher education.
10. Scheduling (Sara Brownmiller). Congratulated for coordinating meeting
times and  for excellent Web pages displaying meeting information.
11. Awards (Eliot Kanter) "My Favorite Martian" winner will be announced
at Sunday's program.
12 RUSA Access to Information (Andrea Copeland) Will be discussing
Internet filters.
13. RUSA Finance and Planning (Denise Bennett). Agenda items include
selling the electronic rights to RQ and investing RUSA funds.
14. Publications (Nancy Buchanan) Will be considering the ETS pages and
issues dealing with Web publications.

D. Other Business
1. MARS Section Review. (Paige Weston) Report was distributed on MARS-L
and MARS Web page. Committee did much of their work electronically and
are to be congratulated for doing so. Motion was made, seconded, and
carried to accept the report.

2. Volunteers were solicited to staff membership booth at conference.

3. MARS has been invited to co-sponsor the BRASS 1998 PreConference:
"Going Global." Paige Weston was delegated to learn more about this.
4. Dartmouth Medal Committee is giving serious consideration to expanding
scope of the award to include electronic resources.

5 Renaming MARS Discussion Groups. Need to make Discussion Groups more
visible within the Section. Do current names describe group's function
and purpose?  Issue will be given additional consideration at Monday's
meeting. If changes are to made, recommendations will need to be
completed by Midwinter in order to be included in the ALA handbook.

6. LITA distributed candidates" statement on-line to their members. Paige
Weston passed this good idea along to MARS Nominations and Elections

7. RUSA Institute " Users in the New Millennium" is scheduled for
October, 1998. Program proposals are due August 31, 1997. MARS members
are encouraged to submit proposals, another means of showing off our
Section's product.

8. MARS-L as recruiting tool. Should materials growing out of open forums
and discussion groups be posted here.  Good information grows out of
those meetings  and could be shared with the wider audience. Should we
consider using MARS-L as another discussion forum? Doing do so would
require more work of the MARS-L manager. Discussion remains open.

9. Meet MARS event. LIRT and LITA organize meals and informal lunches to
bring together people at conference. Bob Heriard noted the ACRL
Instruction Section always has a reception. Such activities require a lot
of work of the member who lives in the host city. Consensus was explore
issue further.

10. Birthday Party Task Force. Section will be twenty-five years old in
2001. Current RUSA officers have expressed willingness to fund a birthday
celebration/program, but a request for funding will have to go through
the regular program planning process.
Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm.

Minutes transcribed by

Marcella Stark,
MARS Secretary
1/3/98, rev. 1/23/98