Moscone Convention Center, Rm. 112
July 1, 1997

Present: Executive committee: Nancy Bodner, Lise M. Dyckman, Willian
McHugh, Pat Reisenman, Amy Tracy Wells E. Paige Weston. Committee and
Discussion Group chairs: Ellen Bosman, Lee Dalzell, Robert Heriard, Jian
Liu, Julia Rholes, Nicholas Rosselli, Arlie Sims. MARS Liaisons: Mary
Mintz, Lori Morse.

Meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by Paige Weston.

A. Announcements (RUSA BOARD: Paige Weston)

1. ALA Offices attempting to develop policies for ALA Web pages.

2. ALA has asked all divisions to have strategic plans in place by 2000.
Overall RUSA/MARS planning process is well-established.

3. RUSA concerns for immediate future: Web issues, strategies for
training leaders, reaching nonmembers. Considering conducting a survey
beyond ALA to determine patrons expectations of reference.

4. Board will deal with copyright statement at Midwinter.

5. RUSA will support and work with the inter-association working group on
government information policy.

6. Approved Guidelines for the "Introduction of Electronic Information
Resources to Users."

B. Committee, Task Force, Liaison Representatives reports

1. Education, Training and Support (Arlie Sims). Will create a committee
Web discussion group to consider evaluating Web sites. Planning an Open
Forum on the topic at Midwinter.

2. Management (Lee Dalzell) Focusing on management issues on Web page
design, i.e. developing and maintaining Web pages. Discussed developing a
conference program. It was suggested committee review materials from 1996
MARS PreConference.
3. Program Committee (Paige Weston).1998 program "Understanding User
Behavior" has been funded.

4. Scheduling Coordinator (Sara Brownmiller). Requested more coordination
with the combined Midwinter programs. Will try to schedule more committee
meetings and forums in adjacent rooms.

5. Hot Topics in Electronic Reference (Nicholas Rosselli) -Seven
participants at program on interface design. Will coordinate Mid-winter
activities with the Products and Services Committee Open Forum.

6. Managers in MARS (Marcella Stark) Six participants on using new
technologies in Reference. Donna Hogan elected as incoming chair. Will
coordinate Midwinter discussion with Local Systems and Services Committee.

7. RUSA membership (Mary Mintz) Placing membership booths in registration
area a huge success and will be continued at future meetings.

C. Other Business.

1. Committee Liaisons were announced: (Paige Weston) Public Libraries,
Publications, Education Training and Support (Nancy Bodner); User Access
to Services, Products and Services, Hot Topics in Electronic Reference,
(Bill McHugh) Management, Managers in MARS, Local Systems and Services
(Becki Whitaker)
2. Making Discussion Groups/ Forums more effective. (Paige Weston)
General strategies were discussed including better publicity, more
coordination with the Scheduling Coordinator, getting programs into Cognotes.

3. Section Review (Paige Weston) ALA continues to discuss committee
membership without conference attendance. Catalog Use Committee will
remain in MOUSS.

4. Paige suggested MARS develop a standardized program evaluation form
and include it in the MARS in the MARS handbook.

5. Paige reminded members that Executive Committee minutes will be
distributed electronically.

Meeting adjourned 10:35 am.

Minutes transcribed by
Marcella Stark
MARS Secretary
1/3/98, rev. 1/23/98