MARS Executive Committee
January 12, 1998
EMB-A, Jackson

Amy Tracy Wells called the meeting to order at 9:30AM.

Members present: Executive Committee: Lise M. Dyckman, William McHugh,
Marcella Stark, Pat Reisenman, Amy Tracy Wells, Paige Weston, Becki
Whitaker. Committee and Taskf Force Chairs and Representatives: Denise
Bennett, Ellen Bosman, Nancy Buchanan, Andrea Copeland, Maggie Hogue
(representing Local Systems) Naomi Lederer, Jian Liu, Karen Reiman-Sendi,
Nicolas Rosselli, Arlie Sims, Mary Strife,  Melisssa Trevett
(representing Products and Services) Visitors: Carole Richter. Michael

A. Announcements

1. Minutes from summer 1997 meetings. Minutes were reviewed. Minutes will
be posted electronically. If there is no response after fifteen working
days, minutes will be considered approved and be posted to the Web page.
Denise Bennett suggested that all participants is any meeting be sent the
draft copies of the minutes for those meetings. Agreed minutes will
continued to be distributed electronically to Executive Committee members
with a notes on MARS-L so that anyone may request a copy of the minutes.

2. RUSA Announcements

RUSA Planning and Finance Committee Meeting. (Paige Weston) Notable Books
Breakfast  was canceled at last Annual Conference but RUSA now expects to
reinstate the event. Recommended that $20,000 of the RUSA reserve be
transferred to the RUSA Endowment. Amy Wells explained that each Section
in ALA has created an endowment. Endowment funds remain with the Section
but endowment interest goes to ALA.  Michael Dowling reported that
current RUSA endowment is approximately $60,000.

RUSA Board (Amy Tracy Wells). ALA is considering becoming a virtual
association. Both ALA and RUSA would conduct all business electronically
via listservs such as  RUSA-L. The ALA Council listserv is open to
anyone, although Lise Dyckman noted this has not been widely publicized.
Amy will provide the address of the Council listserv in her forthcoming
column in Update. Discussion also centered on whether messages from
Council could be filtered and only the relevant messages be posted on
MARS-L. Jian Liu will investigate.

ALA has money from the Benton Foundation to study what proportion of
Public Libraries are connected to Web. Report is forthcoming this spring.
ALA studies show that generally the public feels good about libraries.
ALA has also demonstrated it can be effective politically with the
success of overturning the Communications Decency Act (CDA) although such
success also draws the ALA to the attention of those who oppose its
political stances.

B. Committee reports.

1. Products and Services. (Melissa Trevett).  Co-sponsored Discussion
Group with Hot Topics. (See Hot Topics Report). Working on a project to
identify reviews of electronic information sources. Advised to consult
early on with Publications Committee regarding this project. Will be
co-sponsoring a Discussion Forum at Midwinter 1999.

2. Birthday Party Task Force (Mary Strife). Ten people attended meeting.
Celebration should be centered around the MARS program although MARS
might consider an additional anniversary program. Should try to obtain a
big-name speaker. Program would be accompanied by a fair which would
showcase MARS committees, their projects, publications, etc. Reception to
follow program at which some sort of memento would be distributed.

3. Hot Topics (Nicolas Rosselli and Ellen Bosman). Approximately 95
people attended the presentation which featured representatives from
SilverPlatter, Facts on File and FirstSearch discussing pricing
electronic productions. Discussion will be transcribed and posted on
MARS-L. Carol Richter has agreed to be elected vice-chair of the group.

4. Local Systems (Maggie Hogue). Both co-chairs have resigned and the
committee is between projects. Amy Wells will appoint a new chair and Amy
and ExCom will work with the committee to identify a project. Committee
co-sponsored Discussion Forum with Managers in MARS (See next report).

5. Managers in MARS (Marcella Stark). Approximately 75 people
participated in forum on networking reference services beyond a single
library or institution. Notes from discussion will be posted to MARS-L
and will be sent to participants. Forum was co-sponsored with the Local
Systems Committee.

6. Planning (Naomi Lederer). Considered issue of making the Web version
of the MARS handbook the authorized version. Becki Whitaker moved that
this be so, motion was seconded, carried and passed. Substantive changes
to the Handbook will be also posted MARS-L. ALA/RUSA will keep a master
copy of the Handbook and distribute print copies on demand. Other
suggestions concerning the Handbook should be made to the Planning
committee by March 1st.

7. Publications. (Karen Reiman-Sendi) The proposal from the Users Access
to Services was approved. Agreed that any Web documents that are
analogous to previous print materials need to come to Publications. The
Publications Committee does NOT need to see Web documents that support
committee work, handouts from Discussion Forums, invited speaker
handouts.  Committees must agree to support any Web Publication for two

8. MARS-L (Jian Liu) .Membership approximately 1/3 of MARS total
membership. Discussion: Should MARS Roster be posted on Web with link to
addresses. Discussion centered on not posting addresses and telephone
numbers which once on the Web are available to everyone. Perhaps just a
name, office and email address could be listed. Similar information is
in  ALA handbook,  a public document but not as widely available on Web.
Need to continue discussion about how much membership information we want
to distribute electronically.

9. RUSA Standards and Guidelines (Nancy Buchanan). Introduction to
Electronic Resources Documents sent to ALA Standards Committee. Products
and Services Committee needs to write a justification for not updating
the Database Searching Guidelines. S & G reminds all committees that
standards and guidelines must be reviewed for updating every seven years.

10. Public Libraries (Andrea Copeland). Working on revising glossary and
will promote document at conference. Have designated a committee member
to receive terms. Have produced a publications proposal to produce Web
version of the document.

11. Education Training and Support (Arlie Sims). Have a proposal to
co-sponsor a LITA Discussion Forum at Annual Conference covering
principles to evaluate virtual libraries. Was requested to clarify date
and time in case of conflicts before agreeing to co-sponsor.

12. Outreach Task Force (Naomi Lederer) MARS will sponsor a bash from 5-7
PM Friday June 26, 1998 in Washington D. C.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00AM.

Minutes transcribed by
Marcella Stark
MARS Secretary 2/25/98
Corrections 4/24/98