New Orleans Convention Center-81
Tuesday January 13, 1998

Present: Executive Committee Lise Dyckman, William McHugh, Pat Reisenman,
Marcella Stark, Amy Tracy Wells, Becki Whitaker, Paige Weston. Committee
and Task Force Chairs and  representatives: Sara Brownmiller, Susan
Hocker, Naomi Lederer, Colleen Seale, Arlie Sims. Doris Ann Sweet.
Visitors: Karen Diaz.

Amy Wells called the meeting to order at 9:37AM.

A. Announcements (Amy Tracy Wells)

1. MARS News. Amy Wells congratulated committee and discussion group
chairs on a successful conference. Mid winter discussions forum sponsored
by MARS attracted from 60 to 95 participants.

Committees are requested to get their budget requests to Amy Wells ASAP.

B.  RUSA News

1. Concern was expressed about spamming on RUSA_L. Unsolicited email is
an issue at many institutions. Amy Wells suggested that spamming is topic
for the ALA Web Site Task Force.

2. Amy requests that members send her issues the ALA Web Task Force needs
to deal with. One such issue is the the number of "cookies" that are set
between the ALA page and the MARS page.

3. ALA has a budget surplus of $465,000.

4. Not all ALA Board members have signed the statement asserting that
filters violate the Library Bill of Rights.

5. The Specturm Fund consists of $55,000. Fund is designed to support
education of minority librarians. Some library schools, SUNY Buffalo and
U of Texas at Austin will provide additional funding for Spectrum

6. ALA will experiment with becoming a virtual association . Committees
will be encouraged to do their work electronically, and conference
attendance will not be required for committee members. This change should
enable many new people to participate in the organization. Divisions and
sections are required to document virtual association activities. MARS
has longed championed virtual participation and this dispensation
provides an opportunity for us.

7. The copyright statement regarding committee members work has been
revised. Members or their home institution retain ownership of their
work, ALA publication retains the right to first refusal of all Committee

C. Committee reports

1. User Access to Services (Sue Hocker).  Working on bibliography
"Current User Research Bibliography" to complement Chairs program at the
Annual conference. Plans are underway to keep bibliography at current
site but link it to MARS page and to publicize the work on MARS-L.
Bibliography is a model evolving Web document. Committee was
congratulated on developing the form for encouraging readers to bring new
research to the attention of the committee.

2. Awards (Pat Reisenman) Had informal meeting at conference. Discussion
now centers on publicizing MARS awards. Considering  posting short
biographies of previous winners on the MARS page. Also discussion of
awards should be incorporated into the chair's orientation meetings at
both Annual and Midwinter meetings.

3. Education, Training, and Support (Arlie Sims). Committee is working
with LITA on  joint Discussion Forum for Annual covering critical skills
for evaluation in Web and virtual library sites. As Program scheduled on
Saturday afternoon, it does not conflict with MARS Programs,
co-sponsorship was approved.

4. Local Systems . (General Discussion) Both co-chairs have resigned.
Paige Weston suggested committee might consider a project looking at the
current state of integrated library systems. Consensus at conference that
while many systems look promising, actual development lags. Paige will
arrange a conference call with previous chairs and committee members to
assist them defining a project that will attract new members to the

5. Outreach Task Force (Naomi Lederer). Will sponsor an event at Annual
Conference on Friday June 26. As four of five MARS members never come to
conference, MARS needs means to reach these members such as using MARS-L
to provide for continuing education. Mentoring programs for MARS members
who come to Conference but are not active is MARS should be developed.

6. Management Committee (Colleen Seale). Developing a checklist for small
and medium sized libraries to use for designing and managing reference
web sites. As this is a product to be shared, committee should consider
starting the publication process and how to get the product out to its
intended audience.

7. Planning (Lise Dyckman and Naomi Lederer). Continued discussion on the
Web version of the MARS handbook. Agreed that would be links from each
section to pages. Doris Ann Sweet is reviewing MARS conference evaluation
forms for the handbook.

Began discussing a process of archiving electronic documents. Agreed that
a paper copy of all electronic documents be retained by the archivist.

General discussion as the appropriateness of the Planning Committee
working on the policy. Becki Whitaker moved that an ad hoc group study
the issue. The motion was seconded and carried. Becki Whitaker, Pat
Reisenman, and William McHugh will consider the issues of archiving
electronic documents and make a preliminary report at Annual Conference.

8.  User Access to Services (Sue Hocker)  Expect to continually update
bibliography until summer.  Plans are underway to link the bibliography
to the 1998 Program Website. It was recommended the bibliography be
publicized on MARS-L.

D. Other Business

 1. Becki Whitaker noted that MARS logo and the distinctiveness of the
MARS column has disappeared from the latest Update and has deprived not
only MARS but all RUSA sections of their identity. She recommend this
concern be taken to the RUSA Board.

2. Amy Tracy Wells brought two requests for co-sponsorships of programs
from ASCLA. MARS will not co-sponsor. One proposal dealt with adaptive
technologies the subject of last summer's Public Libraries Program, and
the second proposal conflicted with 1999 RUSA president's program.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am.

Minutes transcribed by
Marcella Stark
Corrected 4/25/98