Sheraton Society Hill-Ballroom C
Saturday, January 30, 1999

Members Present -
Executive Committee: Lise M. Dyckman, Lori Morse, William McHugh, Pat
Riesenman, Andrea Copeland, George Porter, Linda Friend, Denise Beaubien
Bennett (acting for Past Chair).
Committee, Task Force, & Discussion Session Chairs: LeiLani Freund, Rick
Hart, Colleen Seale, Carole Richter, Alan Stewart, Naomi Lederer, Karen
Reiman-Sendi, Alesia McManus,
Coordinators & Liaisons: Nancy Buchanan, Sara Brownmiller, Naomi Lederer,
Alesia McManus.
Visitors: Elliot Kanter, Mary Mintz, Jacob Carlson.

Lise Dyckman called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM.

A. Orientation
1. Introductions were made. The agenda was reviewed. Committee chairs were
reminded to send roster corrections to Linda Friend, meeting reports to
both Lise and Linda. Material for Messages to Jian Liu by February 8. Use
of MARS-L was also discussed.
2. Minutes from Annual were approved.

B. Announcements
1. Hot Topics discussion group joint meeting with ACLTS 8:30am
2. Managers in MARS 4:30-5:30 Changing Role of Librarians and Library
3. Products and Services 9:30 Sunday -- 3 speakers on Pricing of Electronic
4. Birthday Party Task Force Sunday 4:40-5:30 help is needed
5. Outreach task Force

C. Committee Reports
1. Outreach Task Force (Naomi Lederer). About 28 people attended the "Meet
MARS Happy Hour". Our space wasn't large enough / obvious enough (there was
some confusion over who was whom). It was suggested to host this only at
Annual conferences. One attendee stated that it was the "most welcoming
announcement" she had seen for ALA Midwinter. Lise would like to
institutionalize this event-how to do this, who to be in charge? It was
suggested that perhaps a Martian in or near the host city could be
recruited to help. Naomi would like to see a handout available for Happy
Hour, in addition to the MARS three-fold brochure.

2. Scheduling Coordinator (Sara Brownmiller) requested that she receive
information from committee chairs as early as possible. It was noted that
in conference schedules, it is descriptions of programs and discussion
session that get attention, not meetings. We were somewhat concerned that
this time RUSA issued a list of Discussion Group Topics-without any mention
of MARS.

3. Publications Committee (Karen Reiman-Sendi). MARS homepage was the
primary focus of their meeting. Some other items of concern / discussion
were: the MARS logo is not present in "RUSA Update"; the committee would
like to have instructions for MARS-L, including instructions on retrieving
messages from MARS-L archives, available in "RUSA Update"; Guide lines are
out of date. The committee interest form is not a web form yet. Will post
information of award winners. Questions the section of conferences-what is
the purpose? Would like to have something like "What's going on" and
information on past 2-3 conferences

4. RUSA Standards and Guidelines (Nancy Buchanan). It is important to note
that, when working on a guideline, committees need to talk with the MARS
Liaison to this body as soon as possible. ("Guidelines", since they imply
position statements or statements of authority, are reviewed quite
carefully by RUSA and ALA; in contrast to "checklists", which can be
published without the same level of scrutiny.)

5. Membership (Naomi Lederer). MARS has participated in staffing the RUSA
Information/Membership booth at Annual conferences. We are asked to commit
to a two hour time slot; it was noted that traditionally, MARS' time has
been 9am -1pm.

D. Other Business
1. Publicity. Suggested that there be a standard list for publicity. Have
another list for programs. Committees/groups could post items on the web,
MARS-L could then point to them. Committees were asked to come up with a
list of listservs where they would like to see MARS events posted by end of
March. Excom will look at the lists and decide which ones are most
appropriate. MARS Handbook would be the place for the list of lists.
2. Appointments. Linda Friend will make appointments after Midwinter.
Chairs can elect/select new chair. Deadline for selctions three weeks-by
mid March all selections should be made.
3. Virtual participation. Committees involved should be evaluating process.

4. Discussion groups need to devise a plan to get information out to those
who cannot attend conference.
5. How to choose Managers in MARS/Hot Topics chair/co-chair.
6. ALA plan to change format of Annual Conference. ALA has devised a plan
to streamline Annual conference. There would be a set of tracks for
division programs to incorporate. Program length would be standardized;
coordination of planning. Reason: not enough attendance at exhibits.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:10PM

Minutes transcribed by
Lori Morse
MARS Secretary