Sheraton Society Hill-Ballroom B
Monday February 1,1999

Members Present -- Executive Committee: Lise Dyckman, Chair; Linda Friend,
Vice-Chair; Denise Bennett, acting Past Chair; George Porter, Andrea
Copeland, and William McHugh, Members-at Large; Lori Morse, Secretary.
Committee Chairs, Discussion Groups, Task Forces -- Alan Stewart, Stanley
Lyle, LeiLani Freund, Donna Hogan, Richard Hart, Colleen Seale, Naomi
Pat Riesenman, MARS historian; Carol M. Tobin, visitor.

Lise Dyckman called the meeting to order at 9:30AM.

A. Announcements - mentioning programs of possible interest to MARS at
Midwinter Conference.

B. Committee Reports
1. (Naomi Lederer). Discussion on reporters. There is a need to have
reporters at discussion groups and programs. A short report could go in
Messages immediately, while the lengthy version could be posted to MARS-L.
Lise suggested that a list of recommendations be created for reporters, and
requests that a list of proposed recommendations be submitted to Excom for
2. Public Libraries (Alan Stewart). Met twice at Midwinter. Program for
Annual: "RX for Reference Providers", on medical reference in non-medical
libraries. They have several speakers lined up for Saturday June 26
9:30-11:00. In other work, the committee is looking at transforming their
aging Technology Glossary into a guide to tutorials on training.
3. Local Systems and Services (Stanley Lyle). Met jointly with User Access
to Services. Project for Annual is to compile a directory of web-based
reference services (ie: locally produced databases, FAQs). A list of
criteria will be developed after looking at web sites nominated (35). Hot
Topics may use this selection process - or one of the selection criteria -
as a springboard for a Hot Topic Discussion at a future date.
4. User Access to Services (LeiLani Freund) Focused on web page.
Bibliography not updated recently, will need to be if plan to keep it on
the web page. Majority of members are rotating off the committee this year.

5. Managers in MARS (Donna Hogan). 15 people attended "What do we expect
Reference Librarians to do now?" Problem: no co-chair.
6. Products and Services (Richard Hart). Discussion forum "Pricing
Full-Text Journals" had 65 attendees, 41 evaluations returned. Response was
very good-interest in continuing. Will continue to hold discussion forums
during Midwinter to alleviate Annual's program/discussion forum overload.
7. Management (Colleen Seale). There is a problem with the name-MOUSS has a
committee with the same name. Suggested new name: Managing Digital
Reference Services. Committee is revising checklist.
8. Planning (Denise Bennett). Redrafting of Awards committee checklist.
Goals for 2000 created.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:20AM.

Minutes transcribed by
Lori Morse
MARS Secretary