Hotel Intercontinel, Poydras
Monday, June 28, 1999


Linda Friend called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM.

A. Introductions 

B. Deadlines
   1. Roster corrections to Linda by July 9th 
   2. Messages to Jian by July 10th

C. Minutes from Midwinter in Philadelphia were approved. 

D. Committee Reports:

   1. Local Systems and Services (Stanley Lyle) reported that they have been
working on a "Directory of Innovative Web-Based Reference Services." It would
include examples in each category. At their second meeting discussed what to do
next—a discussion forum at midwinter serving as an introduction of the
directory, personalized library services as the focus.  Talked to Publications
about the Directory—may put on ALA server when completed—Lise suggested publish
in print before it goes out of date—asked if put query out on listservs—received
50 suggestions.

   2. Education, Training and Support (Alesia McManus) had a program—about
250-300 people. Evaluations had a lot of good responses. They had breakfast
before the program—said it was a great idea. Cancelled second meeting at the
conference, will brainstorm via email. Suggestions for future programs were on
evaluations. Had arranged to have someone from Cognotes attend. Powerpoint
presentation will be on ETS website.  

   3. Planning (Denise) talked about discussion groups and chair problem. Lise
and Linda will discuss on RUSA-L. Asked outgoing Discussion Group chairs to help
formulate suggestions. Also discussed archiving—when you update a web page, make
a printed copy, bundle with other printed documents and give to MARS Secretary
who will then send to RUSA archives. It was decided that works in-progress
should be passed on to the new chair and completed works go to the MARS
secretary for archiving.

   4. Topics of interest--MARS tickle file--will be on web. Perhaps some
discussion on MARS-L on some topics (to be discussed at Mid-Winter).

   5. We want to change our acronym--soliciting suggestions to replace Machine

   6. New Handbook is up on the web. Need to have a printed Handbooks or
conference services need to provide internet access. 

E. Program 99 (Lise Dyckman) Program went well, there were five panelists
(maximum number to consider); evaluations were favorable. There were
approximately 200-250 people in attendance, 26 evaluations were returned. A
concious decision was made to have people from outside "libraryland" included on
the panel--made for a different presentation style. It was noted that having the
program at the convention center was a bonus, however room location was
difficult to find. It was suggested that RUSA could ask to select a particular
hotel/room for the weekend and have all RUSA level programs there.  

Lise acknowledged Andrea Copeland for stepping in in the absence of a speaker.

An idea was presented to start documenting horrors/what went good program
stories. Eventually will need a checklist. Also need a true liaison to RUSA

F. MARSBEST (Amy Tracy Wells and Becki Whitaker) Meeting at Midwinter had a good
turnout, most people at Midwinter stayed on the task force, in addition, virtual
members were also included. Final document will go to RUSQ by July 15th then on
to the web site for mounting. It was recommended that this project be an ongoing
project. Each person had their own selection criteria, but all revolved around
the same basic criteria. Issues that will need to be dealt with for the future:
subject coverage, final number of sites included, standardizing format,
confusion between ETS, RUSA album and this project. It was recommended that this
become a standing committee. Report was accepted and approved by Excomm.  

G. Logo-- the new logo was approved by a motion of Excom.  

H. MARS Website (Alesia McManus) Minutes of past meetings will be searchable.
New committee interest form is up. Will discus with RUSA making forms and
handouts more usable. Roster update forms will be coming.  

I. Public Libraries (Alan Stewart) Program was held Saturday morning, very
successful, 110 people. Committee needs to work on its webpage. Will have a
proposal for publication.  

J. User Access to Services (LeiLani Freund, Nancy Colborn) Research form is on
the web page. Bibliography--committed to continue through 1999, will close in
2000--perhaps publish "A Decade of Research." Program idea, may try to bring in
some authors, distance learning as topic. Suggested 3 committees (ETS and Public
Libraries) could have a program together.  

K. (Colleen Seale) worked on a checklist for planning, designing and
implementing web pages. There isn't much on reference web pages. Committee will
work via email by Mid-Winter to come up with a product.  

L. Outreach Task Force (Naomi Lederer) Recommended that an ongoing outreach
committee be formed; the momentum needs to continue; tasks need to be split up:
Happy Hour Coordinator, RUSA booth, liaison to NMRT, newsletter write up. 

At this conference's Happy Hour there were approximately 70 people, 25 non

MOTION made that the Task Force continues.

Birthday Party Task Force will join with Outreach. Pat can send info to


Meeting adjourned at 11:00am

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Morse

MARS Secretary