MARS Executive Committee Minutes

Tuesday June 29, 1999


Ernest Morial Convention Center, Room 353

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 by Chair Linda Friend.

Publications (Elliot Kanter) Committee has been reviewing the web site. Will be
putting up a web site to serve as a template. Two publication proposals :
MARSBEST and Public Libraries Committee’s glossary replacement "A Guide to Web
Resources for Public Libraries". Local Systems and Services’ directory of
innovative websites may be proposed. Will solicit for proposals for
publications. User Access to Services is thinking about a bibliography "User
studies of the Last Decade." Speakers from the MARS Program will give PowerPoint
presentations to put on the web site. Publications should be involved early on
in program planning, therefore some structure could be implied in putting
speakers presentations on the web. Publications can proofread and offer editing
skills.  Suggested that a liaison from publications be on any committee or
discussion group doing a program.

MARSBEST (Amy Tracy Wells) Need direction from Excom. New chair/co-chair needed,
will ask current members. Suggested that perhaps User Access could take on this
project. Amy will talk to Gail Schlachter regarding interest in having this
project continue.  Discussion then followed about making this task force a
standing committee. One concern was that if committee structure limits number of
members, liaisons could fill in the gap. Self selection of members helped move
the project along.

Managers in MARS (Donna Hogan) Sunday evening meeting had a good group. Needs a
chair/co-chair rhythm—four meeting commitment. Michael Ciccione (NYPL) has
agreed to co-chair, needs a chair to coordinate. Further discussion on obtaining
chairs need to be discussed further.  Hot Topics (Carol Richter) Saturday’s
program 28 people were there, despite the wrong time in the program. Lively
discussion ensued on Electronic Resource Gateway. Suggested that Program
Committee could consider this topic for a program.  Also having problems with
the appointment of chairs—need a democratic process.

Products and Services (Bill McHugh) Discussion forum at midwinter, will look at
issues with aggregators, alternatives to aggregators, relationship to users,
pricing MARS Awards – selection starts before midwinter when nominations are
solicited. At midwinter, the winner is selected and a annual, the presentation.  
Building a web page. Messages often does not list candidates or election
results. Message on MARS-L: here are the candidates , should have ballots by,
ballots due back by. Nominations remain active for a total of three years.

Other business Have RUSA letterhead, need MARS letterhead—should be discussed at
midwinter Word "award" is sensitive in ALA

Meeting was adjourned at 11:15am

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Morse, Secretary