Mars Executive Committee
Saturday January 15, 2000
Marriott Residence Inn -Fiesta

Members Present: Executive Committee: Linda Friend, Nancy Buchanan, Lise
Dyckman, William McHugh, Nicholas Rosselli, Pat Riesenman, Andrea

Committee and Task Force Chair Members and Representatives: Amy Tracy
Wells, Alan Stewart, Naomi Lederer, Melissa Trevvett, Marcella Stark,
Nancy Colborn, Paige Weston, Ann E. Robinson, Rick Hart, Denise Bennett,
Sara Brownmiller, Colleen Seale, LeiLani Freund, Mary Strifte, Lorrie
Knight, Carole Richter, Nancy Bodner, Natalie McDonough and Linda Keiter.

Meeting began 2:12 p.m. with a moment of silence for Bernie Pasqualini
followed by introductions.

1. Outreach Task Force Committee Status: Naomi Lederer made a motion that
the Outreach Task Force become the standing Outreach Committee. Seconded
by Bill McHugh. A final descriptive statement of the committee will be
formalized for Annual 2000.

2. Birthday Party Task Force: Mary Strife is working with the Outreach TF.
Happy Hour in Chicago 2000 will start celebration with cake.

3. Forms for committees: Denise Bennett discussed the importance of the
following: committee member status report, committee interest forms, MARS
committee and discussion group reporting form.

4. MARS Handbook: The Handbook is in the process of being revised and
unchunked.  Questions were asked regarding the availability of paper
copies in general and for archives, the removal of borders, and the
consistency of page numbering.

5. Discussion Topics: Managers in Mars, "Printing from Public
Workstations: a changing Environment," Products and Services, "Nuts and
Bolts of Aggregating Journals: Project Muse, ProQuest, SilverLinker," and
Hot Topics, "Electronic Resources Gateways."

6. MARS Best: LeiLani Fruend reported that the committee will continue to
embrace virtual membership, free web sites, and all subject areas with a
little clarification given to criteria for selection. The potential for
joining with CODES in the review of best reference sources was discussed
with agreement against a joint endeavor given the different scope and
practices of the two committees. The consideration to publish the MARS
Best list as a side bar to CODES' Best raised other issues surrounding the
publishing of the MARS list. The evaluation of fee-based sites will need
further attention from MARS or another section.

7. Program 2001: Carolyn Mealey. The program's approach will be practical
and pro-active. The topic will focus on negotiation strategies for
librarians in a variety of positions to get desired services from vendors.

8. Programming Changes ALA: Paige Weston. General movement to reduce the
number of programs, increase the number of complimentary and cooperative
programs, and to locate programs near one another in a track system.
Another form to fill out, longer lead time, and another level of approval
are among some of the criticisms. When exactly the new system would begin
- no one knew for certain.

9. Election process for Hot Topics: Denise Bennett as per RUSA Board,
sections can determine what works best for them. MARS will accept
nominations or self-nominations to be appointed.  Chairs of the discussion
groups are encouraged to post summaries of the discussion to the list
service and to Alesia McManus.

10. New Moderator for MARS-L:  The publications committee will begin
interviewing at Annual 2000.

11. The current Scheduling Coordinator's appointment will conclude after
Annual 2000. She (Sara) is willing to assist the incoming Coordinator with
the Fall scheduling.  Nancy will be looking for volunteers to serve as the
new Scheduling Coordinator.

Transcribed by Andrea Copeland