MARS Executive Committee 


Saturday, January 13, 2001 

JW Marriott, Salon E

PRESENT:  Executive Committee members, including incoming members: Nancy
Buchanan, Andrea Copeland, William McHugh, Doris Ann Sweet, Linda Friend, Pat
Riesenman, Carole Richter. Committee Chairs, including incoming Chairs: Carolyn
Meanley, Elliot Kanter, Naomi Lederer, Mary Strife, Paige Weston, John
Hinchcliffe, Lori Morse, Rosemary Meszaros, Linda Keiter, George Porter, Amy
Tracy Wells, Denise Bennett, Sally Jacobs, Marcella Stark, Kathleen Kern,
Michael Ciccone. Guest: Laurie Probst.

Nancy Buchanan presided.

A. Orientation

1. Minutes from Annual 2000 will be received from Lori Morse.

2.Forms/Deadlines a. Bill McHugh passed Committee Appointment Recommendation
forms and described committee eligibility terms. Though members are limited to
two two-year terms, someone who has served for four years can be appointed as a
'consultant' for one year to provide continuity.

b. New appointments: The e-mail interest form is easiest to use; various
interest forms are available. We want to promote interest from visitors to
groups; many vacancies need to be filled. Bill McHugh hopes to get committee
chairs lined up soon.

c. Forms to Pass (Nancy Buchanan). Reporting forms, committee forms and
committee minutes should go to your liaison, Chair of Planning (Marcella Stark)
and MARS Chair.

d. After Annual Conference, chairs of committees should send files to MARS
Secretary, who will send to RUSA HQ.

B. News and Announcements

1. MARS News and Announcements

a. Nominating Committee 2001 (Lise Dykeman), Colleen Seale, Denise Bennett are
working on slate of candidates. Candidates for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect are
LeiLani Freund and Natalie McDonough. Candidates for Member-at-Large are Naomi
Lederer and Alan Stewart.

b. Web Coordinator Alesia McManus has created a Web page FAQ.

c. Planning Committee (Denise Bennett) - Good job of defining tips for program
planning and publicity.
d. Program Planning 2002 (Bill McHugh). Committee will meet Monday, January 15
from 2-4 pm. Committee chair is Natalie Pelster. Bill described a tentative
theme of database search interface.

e. Outreach Committee (Naomi Lederer) will also meet Monday from 2-4 pm.

2.  Non MARS meetings of interest to Martians- Paige Weston announced that LITA
members will meet informally at the Old City Grill Monday from 5-7 pm.

3. RUSA News

a. RUSA officially has 4,795 members, slightly up from last year. MARS
membership is normally just under 50% of RUSA membership, currently standing at

b. RUSA will add a members-only area to the website. Under discussion is the
type of information to be limited to this area. Reviews from RUSQ will be
included as a members-only benefit. Nancy expressed reluctance to limit MARS
information availability. Most areas of content are under consideration: Notable
Books, Outstanding Reference Books, RUSQ, Sources (reviews), programs. Lively
discussion about benefit (or lack thereof) of restricting such content to
members. There was feeling that site content provides recruiting value. The
question was asked about the purpose of providing a members-only area.

c Elliot Kanter reported that a search engine for ALA and RUSA sites will be

C. Committee and Task Force reports

1. MARS has been asked to co-sponsor a program at Annual 2002 with the sponsors
of STUMPERS-L. MARS already has a committee program proposal for 2002, so
together with the President's Program there might not be another slot available.
Programs can only be offered at Annual Conference; other events are forums or
discussion groups. One difference is that only programs receive official
publicity. RUSA is limited to a small number of programs within the division.
MARS Handbook includes deadlines for program planning.

2. Hot Topics Discussion Group (George Porter) ""One More Cup of Coffee...":
After-Hours Chat Reference Service in Public and Academic Libraries" was held
Saturday January 13, and included three speakers followed by discussion. 150-175

3. Products & Services Discussion Forum (Rosemary Meszaros) "The Economics of
Online Full Text" was held Saturday January 13, featuring three speakers and
discussion. The forum attended by about 120 persons.

4. MARS Awards (Andrea Copeland) Will meet.

5. Local Systems & Services (Kathleen Kern) Met to discuss potential 2002
program on useability. Nancy reminded us that approval as a true 'program' would
allow up to $200 honorarium. The committee discussed improvements to the
Innovative Services Directory.

6. Managers in MARS DG (Michael Ciccone) DG Sunday at 4:30.

7. MARSBEST Websites Task Force (Lori Morse) MARSBEST 2000 was published in
RUSQ, and the committee is gearing up for 2001. Nancy Buchanan emphasized the
value of this project as a high profile achievement for MARS. This will be its
third year.

8. Outreach/Birthday (Naomi Lederer) Meet Martians Happy Hour was a success
Friday night. Outreach will meet Sunday at 4:30 to discuss Birthday Party plans.
Pat Riesenmann moved that the Executive Committee officially thank Naomi for
four years dedication to Outreach planning.

9. Program 2001 (Carolyn Meanley) Topic 'Negotiating with Vendors.' Four
speakers are planned, including communication expert, representatives from
vendor, individual library, consortium.

10. Public Libraries (John Hinchcliffe) Met and discussed committee Web
site,"Internet Training and Learning:  A Guide to Web Resources for Public
Librarians" currency, content and evaluation. Considering holding a Discussion
Forum at Annual 2001 on topic of virtual/live reference.

11. User Access to Services (Sally Jacobs) A bibliographic article on user
behavior in searching electronic resources has been accepted for Spring 2001
publication in RUSQ. The bibliography will not be annotated in print due to
space constraints, but committee plans an occasional paper for publication in
expanded form, including annotations and more citations. Bill McHugh and Leilani
Freund have worked on the bibliography project.

Minutes transcribed by Carole Richter, MARS Secretary