MARS Executive Committee Minutes (2001 Annual, San Francisco 6/18/01)

MARS Executive Committee 


Monday June 18, 2001 

Argent Hotel, Franciscan I

PRESENT:  Executive Committee members: William McHugh, Nancy Buchanan,
LeiLani Freund, Doris Ann Sweet, Andrea Copeland, Alesia McManus, Pat 
Riesenman, Naomi Lederer, Carole Richter. 

Committee and Task Force Chairs, Representatives and Planning 
Committee members: 
Linda Keiter, John Hinchcliffe, John Glace, Toby A. Lyles, 
Nancy B. Portnow, George Porter, Rosemary Meszaros, Jose Aguinaga, 
Marianna Fitzgerald, Jody Fagan, Denise Bennett, Kathleen Kern, Lori 
Morse, Marcella Stark, Lesley Bell, Arlie Simms, Jody Fagan (guest)

Nancy Buchanan presided.

A. Committee and Task Force Reports
	1. Managers in Mars DG (Michael Ciccone) Reported on the Reference 
	24x7 Discussion Forum. A successful discussion of issues by panelists
	and audience.

	2. Public Libraries (John Hinchcliffe) Virtual Reference DG had an
	invited discussion leader to frame the discussion.
	3. Publications (Toby Lyle) 
		a. MARS web site reviews will take place this year; a 
		membership survey is planned, to be coordinated by Alesia 
		McManus. Alesia will report details in MARS-L.
		b. The committee is establishing procedures for selection of 
		MARS Web Coordinator.
		c. The bibliography of 25 Years of MARS in Print will be 
		reviewed for possible additional content.
		d. Alesia McManus and Mary Popp are coordinating an effort to 
		index and create a MARS site map. All committees are encouraged 
		to have homepages; Alesia can assist with markup. Committee 
		pages contribute to good public relations.
		e. The RUSA Web Coordinating Group is working on improving 
		access for users with disabilities. The suggestion was made that
		a searchable roster of RUSA members should be considered; 
		confidentiality considerations might be an issue. 
		ALA is investigating new search engines.
		f. The committee plans to convert the MARS Handbook to pdf 
		g. An Executive Session of Executive Committee voting members 
		was held to consider the selection of Web Coordinator Intern.
		The search committee reported they have reviewed four 
		candidates, all technically qualified for the position. Some
		candidates had more leadership experience than others. Daisy 
		Benson from University of Vermont was recommended and 
		unanimously approved for a one-year term as Intern, followed 
		by a three-year term as Web Coordinator. 
		h. RUSA Publications (Toby Lyles) RUSA Update will not 
		continue as a separate publication after this year (two more 
		issues due), but will become a section of RUSQ; there will be
		fewer pages in this format. The Web version won't have a space
		limitation, so may include complete information sent by chairs.
		Suzanne Sweeney will be editor for both print and Web 
		versions; Anne Haynes will need to send both print and Web 
		versions of MARS reports.

	4. Products & Services (Rosemary Meszaros) 
		a. Met on Saturday to plan the Midwinter Forum,"We deliver: 
		bringing live reference to our users." They plan to have 
		a panel of three speakers focus on software selection. 
		Will coordinate time with Public Libraries DG.
		Forum time forSunday Jan 18 9:30-11:00 approved.
		b. Planning a Web publication on an archiving and 
		preservation topic.
	5. Denise Bennett reminded committee chairs to schedule a 
	business meeting time at Midwinter to complete the checklist for 
	RUSA review, and to make sure the scheduling makes it possible 
	for the at-large member liaison to attend.

	6. Hot Topics (Linda Keiter) Reported on successful forum on 
	SFX and linking technologies. George Porter will post a pdf 
	version of his SFX presentation.

	7. Public Libraries DG (John Hinchcliffe) 
		a. Reported on DG meeting, topic 'Real time virtual 
		reference service."
		b. Will update its Web project, a guide to Web resources 
		for public libraries. A new virtual member of the PL 
		committee will have primary responsibility for this work.
		c. Midwinter Forum topic is "I'm addicted to Google..." 
	8. Nancy Buchanan reported that MARS has been asked to produce 
	a checklist or guidelines publication for virtual reference 
	services. Guidelines must originate in a section. RUSA needs to 
	have an ad-hoc committee to produce these guidelines by November 1. 
	Hope to position RUSA as first group to produce	guidelines for 
	virtual reference.

	9. Local Systems & Services (Kathleen Kern) Reported on LSS 
	program planning for 2002 Annual. Topic is usability testing. 
	The Innovative Services list will be updated, including a new 
	section "Questions for developers." 
	The committee has prior approval from Publications.

	10. Member-at-Large (Andrea Copeland) Asked committees to help 
	with nominations for My Favorite Martian award. Decision is made 
	at Midwinter, and the plan is to announce the winner in Spring, 
	before Annual. Nancy Buchanan announced that Amy Tracy Wells is 
	this year's winner.

	11. Education Training & Support (Arlie Sims) Committee is 
 	planning a program for Annual, and also interested in holding a DG 
	at Midwinter. Their focus is training aspects of virtual reference; 
	Sunday 2-4pm time slot is likely. Management of Electronic	Services 
	(Lesley Bell) will have a staffing focus. Products & Services has a 
	software focus. At the encouragement of ExComm, ETS and Management 
	of Electronic Reference Services agreed to combine their discussion 
	forums for midwinter into a single discussion forum.  

	12 MERS, Management of Electronic Reference Services (Lesley Bell) 
	Has met twice. Lesley reported on the Checklist for Reference Web Sites 
	project. Publications has asked that this ongoing project be completed.

Minutes transcribed by Carole Richter, MARS Secretary