Mars Executive Committee and Planning Committee
Saturday, June 15, 2002
Embassy Suites

PRESENT:  Executive Committee members, including incoming members:
William McHugh, Chair; LeiLani S. Freund, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect;
Naomi Lederer, Alesia McManus, Carole Pilkinton, Doris Ann Sweet.

Committee and Task Force Chairs, Representatives and Planning
Committee members: Mary Stansbury, Jennifer Wright, Kelley Lawton,
Lisa Horowitz, Jana Ronan, Lee Dalzell, Marcella Stark, Mary Mintz,
Jose Aguinaga, Jody Fagan, Julie Borden, Colleen Seale, Scott Garton,
Vicki Mills, Kathleen Kern, Debbie Bezanson, Nancy Portnow, Mary
Pagliero Popp, Danise Hoover, Lori Morse, Amy Tracy Wells, Lesley
Bell, Martha Walker, John Glace, Denise Bennett.

LeiLani Freund, Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect presided.

A. Orientation
Introductions were made;an orientation guide for new chairs
distributed along with the Chair's goals.

B. News and Announcements

	1. Bill McHugh announced the MARS Chair's Program, "The
Digital Library Meets Google," scheduled for Sunday, June 16 at 10:30.
A short business meeting will precede the program, when the My
Favorite Martian Award will be given.
	2. Marcella Stark asked that all committee reports be sent to
Planning following the conference.
	3. Bill McHugh congratulated the Preconference Planning
Committee members on the success of the full day preconference,
Digital Reference @ Your Library. Attendance and evaluations were
	4. LeiLani Freund welcomed Jana Ronan and Lisa Horowitz,
co-chairs of the new MARS Virtual Reference Discussion.

C. Orientation for Committee Chairs: Responsibilities and Guidance
	1. LeiLani distributed a detailed Orientation Guide and copy
of "MARS Goals for 2002-2003" to incoming committee and discussion
group chairs to inform the planning process.
	2. The MARS Handbook is now available on the Web site in both
PDF and HTML formats; the RUSA guide is also available from the RUSA
Web site. LeiLani also recommended use of the 'Martian-to-Martian
Transmissions,' initiated by Denise Bennett, which contains much
helpful information.
	3. All chairs are expected to attend the first Executive
Committee meeting, and at least one of the final meetings to report
the conference activities of their respective groups. These meetings
give a good section overview.
	4. Chairs should complete the Discussion Group/Committee
Reporting Form after the conference. It is fine to hand write the
report, which goes to the Chair and Vice Chair of Planning. It can be
given to the Secretary, or left in the RUSA/MARS folder at the ALA
	5. Recruit new members- be sure to distribute Interest forms,
available online from the MARS site, at committee meetings. Be sure to
keep an attendance sheet.
	6. Verify the committee roster throughout the year. LeiLani
has sent an electronic copy of next year's roster to chairs, and
corrections should be sent to her. Home address information won't be
included on the Web version.
	7. Review committee charge, and discuss any changes that need
to be documented with the Chair of Planning.
	8. Planning new projects: consider resources such as MARS
Historian (Pat Riesenman), MARS-L Listserv, and Archives. The 'Goals,
Strategies & Objectives' document can provide guidance. A possible new
project may be a MARS Best list for fee-based services.
	9. Take opportunity to nominate someone for the 'My Favorite
Martian' Award.
	10. Guidelines for committees planning publication on
programs: Nancy Portnow reported on Publications Committee plans to
contact each committee and discussion group to encourage publication
opportunities. Publications also works with the MARS Web Coordinator.
	11. Prospective programs have to be approved at Annual a full
year before presentation, but work should begin at the Midwinter
before for topic focus and general plan. The program proposal can be
sent to RUSA even before it is officially approved by ExComm at
Annual. RUSA Board is the place to 'catch' programs with overlapping
focus, as they have an overview of all section program plans. LeiLani
recommended taking advantage of co-sponsorship opportunities when
	12. Discussion Forums require less pre-approval; the
conference previous to presentation is soon enough. Keep in mind that
some discussion IS required at a Discussion Forum. Pre-approval is not
required for Discussion Groups, but it is recommended to share plans
	13. Committees may produce official guidelines, but these must
be approved by RUSA Standards and Guidelines and RUSA Board; consult
with Nancy Bodner, liaison to RUSA Standards and Guidelines Committee.
Committees are required to review guidelines they have authored every
seven years.
	14. Post-Annual Conference responsibilities
		(1) Fill out the Committee Reporting Form.
 		(2) Send minutes, publicity, reporting form and other
documentation to Secretary, MARS Chair and Vice-chair. Send publicity,
programs and activity descriptions to the MARS Archivist (or to the
Secretary for the Archive). In addition, copies of publicity, programs
and activity descriptions should be sent to the MARS Historian.
		(3) Messages from MARS and MARS-L: Reports need to be
sent to Anne Haynes by July 16 and must be brief, 50-60 words because
the RUSQ version of the Update is only four pages total length. Longer
versions can be submitted for possible inclusion on MARS-L and on the
Web version of the Update.
		(4) Most committees now have a Web site, a good source
of communication and outreach. Daisy Benson can help with planning for
this, but someone on the committee has to maintain the page.
		(5) Request for committee meeting time slots should be
sent to the MARS Scheduling Coordinator, NOT to ALA directly. You will
be contacted about scheduling needs. Be aware of ExComm meetings and
other basic meetings and program times (MARS Handbook includes
standard times). Incoming MARS Vice-chair George Porter will be making
committee appointments. He will need a complete report of known roster
changes such as ends of terms and resignations, as well as suggestions
for new members.

Transcribed by Carole Pilkinton, 
MARS Secretary

Carole Richter Pilkinton
Electronic Resources Librarian
University of Notre Dame Libraries
(574) 631-8405