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Info: International committee of jurists charged by the Council in February 1920 to prepare a preliminary project destined to serve as the basis for discussions by the Assembly. This committee met in the Hague from June 16-July 24, 1920 and the project that they presented, after having undergone a few modifications by the Council and the Assembly, became the statute of the new Court of International Justice. The Assembly approved this project during the meeting of December 13, 1920. The Committee of Jurists at work, assist the members of the Secretariat of the League of Nations.From left to right around the table: James Brown Scott (United States), advisor to Elihu Root, Elihu Root (United States), Mineitciro Adatci (Japan), Walter Phillimore (Great Britain), Bernard Cornelis Johannes Loder, Vice-President of the Committee (Netherlands), Enrique Descamps David, President (Belgium), Albert Geouffre de LaPradelle (France), Rafael Altamira y Crevea (Spain), A. Ricci-Busatti (Italy), Raoul Fernandez (Brazil), F. Hagerup (Norway)
Place: The Hague
Year: 1920







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