New Titles in IUB Libraries
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New Titles in IUB Libraries
(January 2008-August 2009)

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The default search retrieves all new titles, cataloged since January 2005, in all Bloomington Libaries, in all languages, in all formats, 25 records per page, sorted by call number.

Limit searches with your selection(s), e.g. select Fine Arts Library from the first pulldown menu, and French as the language, etc.

The second pulldown menu applies to collections in the Wells Library only.

Limit by Call Number option (Enter the beginning part of a call number, e.g. P, PA, or HM) is especially useful with the selection of Herman B Wells Library-Research Coll.-Stacks from the second pulldown menu, to limit your search to one specific section of the stacks.

The new URL that a search generates can be bookmarked, copied and pasted in your own web pages for future canned searches. See examples.