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Dissent in Europe

In 1968, Europe erupted into one of its most turbulent years since WWII. Challenging the post-war order and the hypocrisy of both consumerist western society and the Stalinist roots of the Old Left, students and workers across the continent began a revolution that would be felt for years to come. Across Europe, students went on strike, occupying the universities and forcing them to shut down . Social protests throughout France temporarily paralyzed the French government as citizens and police clashed amid tear gas and Molotov cocktails. In England and Germany, protests against the war in Vietnam escalated into violence and German left-wing extremists bombed a row of department stores in Frankfurt, bringing a new level of brutality to the conflict. Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe, citizens fought against Soviet oppression and censorship and the citizens of Czechoslovakia stood their ground as Soviet tanks rolled into Prague, bringing an end to their brief period of political liberalization known as Prague Spring. Although the revolution was not successful, the events of 1968 would fundamentally change the social make-up of Europe.

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