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The Sixties: the year that shaped a generation

Miss America (The American Experience)

Catonsville Nine

Fire and Faith: the Catonsville Nine File

Commune Life

Communal Studies Association

Black Bear Ranch

1968 Videos:

Feminist Gloria Steinem on being an undercover Playboy Bunny

Feminist protests at Miss America pageant

Hare Krishna movement







Social Movements

It’s 1968, and change is in the air. People are getting out in the streets, going  back to the land, and looking deep within,  in the sincere belief  that individual actions  can make the world a better place.  Feminism and the civil rights movement are beginning to have an impact-- Enriqueta Basilio carries the torch in the 1968 Olympics, the first woman to take this role, and Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman to serve in Congress, is elected to the House of Representatives in November 1968. But many are frustrated by the slow pace of change. Radical (“Second Wave”) feminism and the militant Black Power movement come into being in 1968. Meanwhile, others are deliberately seeking slowness, though of a different kind. Thousands of young people leave their comfortable middle-class urban lives and turn to communal, self-sufficient living “off the grid” as a solution to the artificiality, hypocrisy, oppression, and disconnection from reality that they perceive in the “square” world around them. World peace and inner peace are intimately linked.  In May, 1968, the “Catonsville Nine” recite the Lord’s Prayer in unison as they burn their draft cards to protest the war in Vietnam. The Beatles move to India to learn how to meditate with Maharishi Mahesh, and hundreds of saffron-robed devotees in the International Krishna Consciousness Movement (“Hare Krishnas”) travel the country in a painted bus to share their ecstatic religion with all. Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs is published in 1968, sparking a huge interest in astrology. BKS Iyengar brings Hatha Yoga to the United States.  Holistic ideas about food and diet lead to a “health food revolution” that eventually has a profound effect on the American diet (think rice cakes, alfalfa sprouts, yoghurt and humus).

Equality and justice, non-violence, respect for the earth and for our own bodies, inner peace through meditation and universal love…these are the ideals behind the social movements of 1968.

Social Movements Resource Guide

Some Key Social Movements of 1968

Counterculture, Anti-war, Feminism, Radical Feminism, Civil Rights:

Where to look in the library:
HN Social History, problems & reform

Terms to search:
social conflict, social movements, reform, social action (or by specific movement)
Exploration of Religions and Lifestyles:
Where to look:
HX Socialism, Communism, Utopias, Anarchism

Terms to Search:
  • Ashrams
  • Back to nature
  • Cohousing (newer term)
  • Collective Settlements – United States
  • Communal living
  • Ecovillages (newer term)
  • Hippies
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Intentional Communities
  • Kibbutzim
  • Land trusts
  • Living off the land
  • Living off the grid
  • Subculture



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Media Services (Kent Cooper Room)

1968 : the year that shaped a generation

Making sense of the sixties

I shot Andy Warhol. (fictionalized)

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