Rosemary Armato on Gretchen Walsh

Gretchen Walsh and I met over thirty years ago when she came to Boston University to head the African Studies Library. I was not to become a professional librarian until a few years later, but from the start Gretchen treated me as an equal. She attacked that new job with enthusiasm. We presented her with many ideas. She embraced the good ones and let the less than stellar ones drop gently and quietly. Gretchen treated everyone with dignity. That in itself would have been enough. But there was so much more to her.

Gretchen had many attributes, qualities, facets. In fact, one could go on forever recounting many different and wonderful things about her. But, I think that a long tribute would not be Gretchen's way or to her liking. Instead I would say just this--Gretchen will be best remembered and least forgotten for her caring ways. Gretchen with her quiet manner brought out the best in every thing that she touched.

We will go on. I hope that as we do, we keep close those lessons she taught us on how to treat every living creature with compassion and dignity.

Thank you, Gretchen.

Rosemary Armato

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