Beth Restrick on Gretchen Walsh

I did not know Gretchen Walsh as well as many of you who were her colleagues and long-time friends, but after working for her for three short years, I do know that she has influenced me for life. I was blessed to call her not just my boss, but my mentor and my friend.

Gretchen was a woman of few words. She did not waste her words and when she spoke, you paid attention because you knew that whatever she had to say was carefully thought out and important. I came to treasure those moments because in them, I caught a glimpse of the wealth of experience and knowledge and passion she possessed for the study of Africa.

I regret the wealth of knowledge that has been lost to me and to all of us in her untimely passing, but most of all I mourn the loss of an inspiring and passionate role-model and dear friend. Her mantle falls upon us now and my hope is that her unwavering dedication to this profession will live on through us.

Frances (Beth) Restrick
Library Technician
African Studies Library
Boston University

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