Hans Zell on Gretchen Walsh

The news of Gretchen's death has come as a massive shock, especially since I was in touch with her only a short while ago, when she told me of some of her plans following her anticipated retirement next year. I had hoped I might eventually persuade her to do a new edition of her much acclaimed The Media in Africa & Africa in the Media: An Annotated Bibliography, which we published in 1996. Sadly, it is not to be.

Gretchen's death is an enormous loss to Africana librarianship. She was vastly informed, and we will all miss her incisive writings and reviews. Moreover, she was always willing to share information, and was generous with her time to comment and respond on many issues and topics affecting the Africanist community. And, among US librarians, Gretchen was always one of the most vociferous supporters of the indigenous African book industries and African publishing output.

She will be greatly missed.

Hans Zell

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