Editorial Note

The ALC Fall meeting took place in Chicago during the African Studies Association’s 51st annual meeting in November 2008. Elections were held for ALC officers for 2008-2010, access to the ALC listerv was discussed, and various committee reports were heard.

In election results Deborah LaFond was elected incoming vice-chair, Jason Schultz was elected incoming secretary, and Regina Roberts was elected as incoming member at large.

A discussion was held over the issue of who should be included in the ALC listserv. There are currently 117 people on the listserv (alcasalist), which is open to all ALC members and Vendors. It was also pointed out that all African librarians on the African continent are welcome to become members of the list. A motion was passed that added the stipulation that CRL members be allowed to join the list.

Full minutes of the Cataloging, Title VI, CAMP, Book Donations, and Bibliography committees will be made available at the ALC website at http://www.library.upenn.edu/collections/africa/ALC/.

The Spring meeting of ALC will be held March 26-28 at the campus of Duke University.

Timothy Johnson
Bobst Library, New York University