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Finding List of Materials on Somalia and in the Somali Language in the IUB Libraries

This database of the Finding List of materials on Somalia and in the Somali language makes the print entries searchable by keyword. It further updates the Finding List through 2008 and incorporates a broad range of works on Somalia. Peripheral materials were also added, but only if the topics specifically addressed Somalia, e.g. in works on humanitarian activities and conflict resolution. The major additions are in the General Collection and Audiovisual section, and in the Archives of Traditional Music. There are 2,368 separate entries and more information on each can be located by searching the IUB library catalog, IUCAT. Please see the links below to learn more about the specific types of materials and where they can be found.

Search Tips:
The basic keyword search includes the full bibliographic records.
The results are sorted by Author, and by Title if no author is given.
"AND"is the default operator.
Right truncation is supported.