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Somalia and Somaliland: Selected Internet Resources

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These selected internet resources are intended to support and enhance the Digital Somali Library at Indiana University. They cover a broad range of topics related to Somali culture, language, history, and politics and are useful for student enrichment learning and faculty research. They are also intended to serve as an information gateway for Somalis across the diaspora, particularly those residing in the United States, by connecting them to important discussion groups, weblogs, non-governmental organizations, and social networking sites.

It is important to note that most websites are affiliated with either Somalia or Somaliland. This distinction is deeply rooted in the region's political instability, in which Somaliland ceded from Somalia in 1991. While this secession is not formally recognized by the international community, Somaliland has been operating as a de facto independent republic for over a decade. Users are cautioned to be cognizant of the political aims and orientation of each website.


Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources
Somalia and Somaliland on the Internet

In English. Annotated bibliography of web resources on Somali culture, current events, discussion groups, and the diaspora. Government agencies, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations are also listed. Maintained by Karen Fung, Curator of African Studies Collection at Stanford University. See also the News section.

Metz, Helen Chapin. ed. Somalia: A Country Study. Washington D.C.: GPO for the Library of Congress, 1992.
In English. This online book is divided into four sections: (1) Somali history from the fifteenth century to 1990; (2) language, religion, health and environmental conditions, (3) economics from colonial times to 1990, and (4) twentieth century governance and international relations in Somalia. Note that this book is copyrighted 1992 and does not cover the current political conflict.

Somalia: Selected Internet Resources
In English. Maintained by the African & Middle Eastern Division of the Library of Congress. Bibliography of internet resources on a variety of topics, including: education, geography and the environment, health, history, language and literature, and science and technology.


Art & Culture

Aftahan.org: Uruka Afka, Dhaqanka iyo Suugaanta
In Somali. Based in London, a non-profit organization that posts information on Somali culture, language, and literature. Authors can submit short literary works for critique. Recently published novels and poetry collections are reviewed and are available for purchase online.

SomaliOZ Network
In English. Based in Australia. Members can listen to and download Somali music and videos. Forums and chat rooms where members can read and discuss Somali culture, religion, history, politics, and sports. Membership is free.


Government & Politics

Puntland State of Somalia
In English, Somali, and Arabic. Official website of the Puntland Government, an autonomous state seeking to be part of a federated state system within Somalia. Outlines current development projects and provides an overview of Puntland history.

Somaliland Forum
In English and Somali. A weblog that provides political commentary in support of the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland. Self-described as a "non-partisan independent think-tank," this forum serves as a vital channel of communication for Somilanders in the diaspora.

Somaliland Official Website
In English. Official website of the Republic of Somaliland, which declared independence from Somalia in 1991. Currently a de facto independent republic.


News Sources

allAfrica.com: Somalia
In English and French. This website aggregates news articles from over 125 African news sources as well as 200 international organizations. allAfrica is one of the largest distributors of online news about Africa in the world.

BBC News Somalia
In English and Somali. The BBC is the largest public broadcasting corporation in the world and a leading international news source for Africa. The country profile includes a chronology of key events in Somali history as well as background reports identifying main issues at stake in the current political struggle. Users can sign up to receive news articles on their mobile devices, desktop, or subscribe to RSS feeds.

Hiiraan Online: News and Information about Somalia
In English and Somali. An aggregate of international news sources, particularly from the BBC, Voice of America, AFP, and Washington Post. Users can submit and respond to comments on news articles and opinion pieces.

Radio Banadir
In English and Somali. Based in Mogadishu since 2000, users can listen to public radio broadcasts in Arabic and Somali. Broadcasts are mainly on current events, but there are also entertainment programs with songs and poetry.

In English and Somali. Covers news about Somaliland. Their mission is to "bring broad and nonbiased information about Somaliland to Somalilanders and non-citizens alike." Their expressed objective is to gain international recognition for the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland.

Somaliland Times
In English. Self-described as an independent and weekly published newspaper about Somaliland. Includes articles on current events, opinion pieces, and updates on government activities and non-governmental organizations.


Social Networking

Somali UK
In English. Based in the United Kingdom. Very active forums discussing a broad range of topics, including: women's issues, teen issues, politics, and religion. An extensive list of Somali music from a variety of artists that can be listened to online using Windows Media Player.


Somali Language Resources

Somali-English-Italian Trilingual Online Dictionary
Approximately 13,000 entries, including Somali proverbs and traditional sayings. Users can submit additional entries but they are subject to a review process.