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African Research & Documentation no. 98, 2005 includes:

Danny Millum. "Unnatural Selection: The Political Materials Collections in the Institute of Commonwealth Studies."

Marion Wallace. "Accidental archives: Tracing Africa in the India Office Private Papers in the British Library."

Susannah Rayner. "Go ye into all the World": Missionary Archives in the School of Oriental and African Studies."

Tijjani Abubakar. "Assessment of the use of Information Management Systems in the Banking Industry: a Case Study of the Nigerian Commercial Banking Systems."

Huw Jones. "The South African Public Library: its African Collections in 1881."

Obituary: Louis B. Frewer, 1906-2005.

African Research & Documentation no. 99, 2005 includes:

Kay Raseroka. "Africa to Africa: Building its Knowledge Community."

John Pinfold. "'A Monument More Lasting than Bronze': the Collections of the Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House, Oxford."

Ana Cristina Roque and Livia Ferrao. "A Glimpse over the Land and Peoples of Mozambique: the Collections Assembled During the Colonial Period and their Importance for the Rebuilding of the History of Mozambique."

Angelica Baschiera. "The SOAS Swahili manuscripts Project." Kelvin Smith. "Public Sector Reform and Records management in Sierra Leone."

Stephen Ellis "A Visit to the National Archives of Liberia."

African Electronic Publishing, special issue of Africa Today, Vol. 52, no. 2, winter 2005, includes:

Atieno A. Adala and Marion Frank-Wilson, "Introduction to Special Issue: African Electronic Publishing."

Peter Limb, "The Digitization of Africa."

Edward A. Miner and Cliff Missen, "'Internet in a Box': Augmenting Bandwidth with the eGranary Digital Library."

Pippa Smart, "Increasing the Visibility of Published Research: African Journals OnLine."

Allen Isaacman,Premesh Lalu and Thomas Nygren, "Digitization, History, and the Making of a Postcolonial Archive of Southern African Liberation Struggles: The Aluka Project."

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