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Schedule of Class Meetings

Spring Semester, 2005

Tuesday, Thursday 9:30-10:45


Jan. 11:

Introduction, Discussion of Syllabus (course scope, requirements, etc.), Tour of the 6th floor.

Reading Assignment for Jan. 13th Session:

Jane Guyer,  African Studies in the United States: A Perspective,  "Introduction" and Chapter I

Hans M. Zell, "Digital Media and African Publishing"  The Book and Computer,  12 Nov. 2003.http://www.honco.net/os/index_0310.html


Jan. 13:

African Studies in the U.S.

Publishing in Africa

Additional Readings


Jan. 18:

Electronic Initiatives

Introduction to the Library of Congress Classification System

Selected Recent Electronic Sources

Selected Recent Electronic Initiatives


Jan. 20:

Introduction to the African Studies Collection Website; "Introduction of African-Related Internet Resources," African Affairs, vol. 97, no. 388, July 1998: 401-408.

Search Strategies in:

Boolean Search

Annotation due: Jan. 27th, 2004.

Reading Assignment for Jan. 25th Session:

Katrien Polman, “Evaluation of Africa-Related Internet Resources,” African Affairs, vol. 97, no. 388, July 1998: 401-408.


Jan. 25:

In-class exercise:

Web-based information versus information from online databases versus print sources. Discussion of results; (Evaluation of Internet sources, Listservs, Newsgroups, etc).


Jan. 27:

Introduction to Bibliographic Software: EndNote

Annotation due.


Feb. 1:

Online databases-coverage and search strategies; Jian Liu, Reference Librarian.

Meet in LETRS Seminar Room.


Feb. 3:

Discussion of Course Projects/Topics

Compiling and Evaluating Bibliographies

Assignment: Select and Evaluate a bibliography; due on Feb. 15th, 2004.


Feb. 8:

In-class exercise


Feb. 10:

Publishing in African Studies

Periodical indexes


Feb. 15:

Bibliographies-national, general, trade, and country focused.

Evaluation of Bibliography due.


Subject Specific Sources:

Feb. 17:

General reference materials (guides, hand books, encyclopedias, current events, etc.)

Exercise 1 due: Feb 24.


Feb. 22:

History Sources

Biographical Sources


Feb. 24:


Excercise I due.


March 1:



March 3:

Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) – online vs. print

Moira Smith (Librarian for Folklore, Anthropology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies)

Meet in LETRS Seminar Room


March 8:


Reading Assignment for March 10th Session:

Kenneth P. Lohrentz, "Africana at the Center for Research Libraries," African Studies Review,  vol. 41, no. 2, Sept. 1998: 113-132.

David Henige, "The Half Life of an African Archive," in Julian W. Witherell (ed.), Africana Resources and Collections: A Festschrift in Honor of Hans Panofsky, Metuchen, M.J., London: The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1989: 198-212.


March 10:


Exercise II due: March 29.


March 15:

Spring Break-No Class


March 17:

Spring Break-No Class


March 22:

Africana in the Fine Arts Library

B.J. Irvine (Librarian for Fine Arts)

Meet in Fine Arts Library


March 24:

Oral Tradition/History

Music and Recordings


March 29:

Africana in the Lilly Library

Elizabeth Johnson, Head of Technical Services, Lilly Library

Exercise II due.


March 31:

Religious Studies


April 5:

Africana in the Archives of Traditional Music

Suzanne Mudge, Archives of Traditional Music


April 7:

Political Science, Development Information

Exercise III due: April 19.


April 12:

Government Publications

Andrea Singer, International Documents Librarian

Meet in GIMSS, Main Library, second floor, Research Collections


April 14:

Health-related sources (social information, women’s studies, health education through music/theater)


April 19:

Librarianship in Africa

Exercise III due.


April 21:

Publishing in Journals

Liz McMahon, Managing Editor of Africa Today.

Reading Assignment for April 26th Session: Paul Tyiambe Zeleza, Chapter 4: “Trends and Inequalities in the Production of Africanist Knowledge,” Manufacturing African Studies and Crises, Dakar/Senegal: CODESRIA, 1997: 44-69.

Eve Gray, “Caxton or the Ethernet? Academic Publishing in an African Context,” Cape Librarian, Mar./Apr. 2001: 10-14.


April 26:

Digital Scholarship-a way to bridge the information gap?



April 28:



May 3: