Library Resources for American Diplomatic History

Print resource Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature (1900-present)
Complete index of 150-200 most widely circulated American periodicals. Entries are alphabetical by subject. (Primary and secondary sources; citations only; all or most of the sources are available in the IU Libraries. Reader's Guide is shelved across from Reference Desk, AI3 .R21).

Print resource New York Times Index
This is the only index of the New York Times for 1922-1969. (Primary and secondary sources; citations only. Shelved across from the Reference Desk. Text is available in the Microforms Room on the ground floor).

Print resource Facts on File
Week-by-week record of news events. Helpful in establishing exact chronology of events, finding key people to research, etc. (Full text of brief articles. Shelved next to New York Times Index.

Authorized IU Bloomington Users Periodical Contents Index
One of the few electronic tools helpful in locating historical primary source material. Covers nearly 2,500 scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences, from their first issues (the earliest is 1780) through 1990/1991. It includes an entry for each article or book review appearing on the table of contents page of each issue. (Primary and secondary sources; citations only.)

Authorized IU Bloomington Users America: History and Life
Indexes about 2,000 scholarly journals devoted to American history. (Secondary sources; citations and abstracts.)

Authorized IU Bloomington Users JSTOR
A journal-digitizing project containing searchable fulltext from twenty important scholarly journals in history (such as the American Historical Review) from their first issues to the early 90s. (Primary and secondary sources; full text.)

Authorized IU Bloomington Users Academic Search Elite
Interdisciplinary database containing references to articles more than 3000 magazines and journals. Coverage goes back only to 1989. (Mostly secondary sources; full text for 1000 journals, with citations and abstracts for the rest. Interactive guide available.)

Authorized IU Bloomington Users Lexis-Nexis
Indexing and full text of news media, including some television and radio transcripts. Coverage varies, but no full text before 1980 (most publications only go back to mid 1990s).

Authorized IU Bloomington Users Dow Jones Interactive
Similar to Lexis-Nexis. Interface is slightly more user-friendly.

Authorized IU Bloomington Users Congressional Universe
Provides indexing of congressional publications and some full-text of reports, bills and resolutions, and laws. Coverage goes back to 1968. (Primary and secondary sources; citations and some full text. For more in-depth sources for government publications, see Government Publications Department.)

Bloomington On-Campus Only Declassified Documents Reference System, U.S
Searchable collection of more than 70,000 declassified documents from presidential libraries. Includes both page images and text.
November 21, 2000

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