Library Resources for "Women, Gender, and Enlightenment"

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Authorized IU Bloomington Users ESTC - English Short Title Catalog: Over 400,000 records for items published anywhere in Great Britain or its colonies or in English anywhere from printing's beginnings (1473) through the eighteenth century. Pre-1700 imprints are available electronically in EEBO (see below). 18th-century imprints not held by our library are readily available via interlibrary loan. If you find the 18th Century Collection microfilm reel number in the ESTC record (near the end of the record), and note it in your ILL request, you'll get the item faster.

Authorized IU Bloomington Users Early English Books Online: Digitized version of nearly every book published in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the United States between 1475-1700. (Page images; searchable full text for a small number of titles.)

Authorized IU Bloomington Users ARTFL: Full text collection of French novels, articles, essays, letters and verse from the 17th century to the present. Includes a collection of French women writers, full text and reproductions of the plates of the Encyclopédie and much more. (Searchable--but not easily browsable--text; page images for illustrations only.)

Microform collection available in IU 
Bloomington Libraries Early American Imprints: Generally known as "Evans"--an immense microfilm collection of works published in North America, 1639-1800. Location: IUB Main Library Microforms Z1215 .E13. (A digital edition is also underway.)

Unrestricted Access Eighteenth-Century Resources: Collection of web resources put together by an active 18th-century-ist

Microform collection available in IU 
Bloomington Libraries Women's Language and Experience: Microform collection of diaries and other private writings of British women, 1500-1940. Location: IUB Main Library Microforms HQ1593 .W5795 1994 (Guide available in Microforms).

Microform collection available in IU 
Bloomington Libraries History of Women: Large microfilm collection of primary sources relating to women's history. Location: IUB Main Library Microforms HQ45. See searchable guide to collection.

Authorized IU Bloomington Users British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries: Collection of British and Irish women's personal writings spanning over 400 years (1500-1900).

Authorized IU Bloomington Users North American Women's Letters and Diaries: Searchable full text of letters and diaries of hundreds of North American women, from the 16th century to 1950.

Authorized IU Bloomington Users Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period: 60 (digitized) volumes of poetry from 47 women poets, predominantly Scottish, of the Romantic period.

Print Resource available in IU 
Bloomington Libraries Catalogue of political and personal satires preserved in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum. London: Published for the Trustees of the British Museum by British Museum Publications, 1978. Location: IUB Main Library Microforms NE55.L7 A37 1984

Print Resource available in IU 
Bloomington Libraries Microform collection available in IU 
Bloomington Libraries Some 18th-century British journals and newspapers available at IUB (see IUCAT for locations):

Another list of 18th-century British journals, coming soon to IU on microfilm, but available via interlibrary loan for now.

Microform collection available in IU 
Bloomington Libraries American Periodicals Series, 18th Century: Collection of American newspapers and magazines on microfilm. Location: IUB Main Library Microforms AP 41. Index to American Periodicals of the 1700s (very basic) shelved on Microforms Reference Shelf (ask at desk). Also available: Index to Early American Periodicals. Location: IUB Main Library Microforms AI3 .I38 (N.B.: this is on microcard. Assorted 18th-century American periodicals, also on microcard, are shelved nearby in AN2.)

Electronic resource available in the IUB 
Main Library Pennsylvania Gazette on CD-ROM: Searchable full text; 1728-1800. Location: IUB Main Library LETRS

Authorized IU Bloomington Users Women Writers Online: approximately 200 texts written by women in English from 1400-1850

Available to users dialing in through IU 
Bloomington Campus only Complete Works of Jane Austen: electronic editions of Austen's six novels.

Authorized IU Bloomington Users Eighteenth Century Fiction: 77 complete works in English prose from the period 1700-1780, by writers from the British Isles.

Authorized IU Bloomington Users English Poetry Database: English-language works of British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh poets, from the Anglo-Saxon period through the end of the Nineteenth century.

Authorized IU Bloomington Users English Verse Drama Database: works acted on or intended for the stage, which are either wholly or predominantly in verse. Coverage: 1500-1900

Authorized IU Bloomington Users Past Master's British Philosophers: about 60 political and philosophical texts from the works eighteenth and nineteenth century English philosophers

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