Teams 3 and 4

Your assignments relate to History, the theme of Week 2. It will be MUCH easier to do these assignments if you do the IUCAT tutorial first!

Reference Reading Room: Look at American Decades (call number E169.12 .A419 1994) or a similar collection in the same call number area, OR The Britannica Book of the Year (call number AE5 .B88). Find something that happened in a year that is meaningful to you. Try to find something that you can use in one of your projects for this IFS.

Bring to class: a photocopy.

Research Collections Stacks: Browse the old magazines in the AP2 call number area on the 4th Floor. Photocopy an interesting story or picture from the 1980s. OR, use IUCAT to find a book about the town or city you (or your parents or grandparents) come from.

Bring to class: a photocopy or a book.

Kent Cooper Reading Room: Find a movie about a historical event (here's how), OR find the recent issues of The Oral History Review (hint: this is a journal--recent issues of magazines and journals are in alphabetical order in the Kent Cooper Room) and browse until you find an article that looks useful. Photocopy the article (make sure you get all the information you need to cite it.)

Bring to class: a video or DVD, or a print-out from IUCAT (if you find a movie you can't check out) OR a photocopy.

Government Publications and Microforms: Find an old newspaper from your hometown (here's how) OR, find the Bloomington newspaper from the 1970s or earlier (call number AN2.B6 H54). Make a copy of an article, picture, cartoon or anything else that you could use for one of your projects in this ISF.

Bring to class: a print-out from microfilm.

"Find Information" web page (www.libraries.iub/findinfo): Search America: History and Life (a database about American History) for an article about a historical event that ties in with one of your written assignments in this IFS. OR, search the historical archive of the New York Times (ProQuest Historical Newspapers) to find a New York Times article written during that historical event. (Here's how. And here's where to find these databases.)

Bring to class: a print-out from one of these two electronic resources.

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