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al-A‘lam qamus tarajim al-ash’hur al-rijal wa-al- nisa’ min al-‘Arab wa-al-musta‘rabin wa-al-mustashriqin
Z7052 .Z82 [RSCH ; REF]

American and British doctoral dissertations on Israel and Palestine in modern times
Z3476 .S562 [RSCH]

American doctoral dissertations on the Arab world, 1883-1974
Z3013 .S43 1976 [RSCH ; REF]

American doctoral dissertations on the Arab world. Supplement, 1975- 1981
Z3013 .S43 1976 Suppl. [REF]

An analytical guide to the bibliographies on Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran
Z7835.M6 G29 [REF]

An analytical guide to the bibliogrpahies on modern Egypt and the Sudan
Z3651 .A1 G28 [RSCH; REF]

An annotated bibliography on the modern history of the Near East
Z3014 .H55 M57 1980 [RSCH]

Annotated guide to journals dealing with the Middle East and North Africa
Z3013 .L788 [REF] [copies 2-3, RSCH]

CS2970 .S185 [RSCH]

Arab culture and society in change a partially annotated bibliography of books and articles in English, French, German and Italian
Z3013 .B22 [REF] [copy 2, RSCH]

The Arab history; a bibliographical list
Z3013 .D213 [REF]

Arab-Islamic bibliography : the Middle East Library Committee guide : based on Giuseppe Gabrieli’s Manuale di bibliografia musulmana
Z3013 .A66 1977 [REF]

Arabic collection: Aziz S. Atiya library for Middle East studies
Z3013 .U895 v.1 + suppl. [REF]

Arabic-English lexicon
PJ6640 .L26 1978 [RSCH]

Arabic lexicography: its history, and its place in the general history of lexicography
PJ6611 .H42 [RSCH]

Arabic linguistics : an introduction and bibliography
Z7052 .B166 1983 [REF]

Arabic linguistics bibliography: 1979-1995
Z7052 .A57 1996 [REF]

Arabic materials in English translation : a bibliography of works from the pre-Islamic period to 1977
Z3014.L56 A52 [REF]

Arabic proverbs; or, The manners and customs of the modern Egyptians
PN6519.A7 B94 [RSCH]

Arabische, türkische und persische handschriften der K.K. Hofbibliothek zu Vien
Z6621 .V62 A6 [RSCH]

Arabische, türkische und persische handschriften der universitatsbibliothek in Bratislava
Z6621 .B6 A7 [RSCH]

PJ6680. C118 [RSCH]

al-Atlas al-‘Arabi al-‘amm
G1019 .S114 [RSCH]

Atlas al-Ma‘arif
G1019 .A882 [RSCH]

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A bibliography of Arabic biographical resources in the Inidana University Library
Z5305.A65 I5 1985 [REF]

Bibliography of Arabic linguistics
Z7052 .B166 [RSCH; REF]

Bibliyughrafiya al-wahdah al-‘Arabiyah, 1908-1980
Z3014.P36 B5 1983 [REF]

Bibliyujrafiya al-qanun wa-al-‘ulum al-siyasiyah (min sanat 1875 ila sanat 1970)
KRB .E328 [RSCH]

Bibliyujrafiyah mukhtarah 5;an Bayt al-Maqdis
Z3478 .J4 Z34 [RSCH]

Bibliyujrafiyat al-dirasat al-suk·aniyah fi al-watan al-‘Arabi
Z7165 .A67 Z22 [RSCH]

Bihar al-anwar : al-jami‘ah li-durar akhbar al- a’immah al-athar
BP193.25 .M35 1983b [RSCH]

A book world directory of the Arab countries, Turkey and Iran
Z464.N335 R8 [REF]

Buldaniyat Filastin al-muhtallah 1948-1967
DS103.5 .S274 [RSCH]

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Catalog of the Arabic collection
Z3013 .H35 1983 [REF]

Cataloging Hebrew materials in the online environment : a comparative study of American and Israeli approaches / Susan S. Lazinger, Elhanan Adler ; edited by Sheila S. Intner ; with a foreword by Bella Hass Weinberg.
Z695.1 .J48 L39 1998 [RSCH]

Catalogue collectif des ouvrages en langue arabe acquis par les bibliothèques françaises : 1952-1983
Z3015 .H3 1984 [RSCH ; REF]

Catalogue of Arabic manuscripts (Yahuda section) in the Garrett Collection, Princeton University Library
Z6605.A6 P93 [REF]

Catalogue of Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish books
Z3013 .H338 [REF]

Concordance et indices de la tradition musulmane: les six livres, le Musnad d’al-Darimi, le Muwatta’ de Malik, le Musnad de Ahmad ibn Hanbal
BP135.2 .W47 [REF]

A concordance of the Qur’an
BP133 .K37 1983 [REF]

The contemporary Middle East, 1948-1973; a selective and annotated bibliography
Z3013 .A872 [REF]

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Da’irat al-ma‘arif al-Islamiyah
DS37 .E512 1969 [RSCH]

Da’irat al-ma‘arif, qamus ‘amm li-kull fann wa-matlab
AE90 .A7 D134 [RSCH]

al-Dalil al-bibliyugrafi lil-qiyam al-thaqafiyah al-‘Arabiyah al-mu‘asirah
Z3013 .D143 [RSCH]

al-Dalil al-bibliyugrafi lil-qiyam al-thaqafiyah al-‘Arabiyah: maraji‘ lil-dirasat al-‘Arabiyah
Z3013 .D142 [RSCH]

al-Dalil al-bibliyujrafi lil-rasa’il al-jami‘iyah fi Misr, 1922-1974
Z5055.E27 M37 1976 [RSCH]

Dalil al-maraji‘ al-‘Arabiyah wa-al-mu‘arrabah fihrist bibliyughrafi yu‘rafu wa-yuqimu al-maraji‘ al-‘Arabiyah wa-al- mu‘arrabah fi mukhtallif al-mawdu‘at, al-maraji‘ al-ajnabiyah allati yabhathu ‘an shu’un al-‘Arab
Z3013 .A135 [REF]

Dalil al-qissah al-Misriyah al-qasirah: suhuf wa-majmu‘at 1910-1961
Z7052 .N265 [RSCH]

A decade of Middle East research at SOAS, 1980-1990
Z3013 .C34 1991 [REF]

A dictionary and glossary of the Kor-ân, with copious grammatical references and explanations of the text
PJ6696 .Z8 P42 [RSCH]

A dictionary of Arabic topography and placenames : a transliterated Arabic-English dictionary with an Arabic glossary of topographical words and placenames
G108.A7 G7 1983 [RSCH]

A dictionary of cinema: Mu‘jam al-fann al-sinima’i
PJ6680 .M9682 [RSCH]

A dictionary of Islam : being a cyclopaedia of the doctrines, rites, ceremonies, and customs, together with the technical and theological terms, of the Muhammadan religion
BP40 .H8 1935 [RSCH]

BP40 .H8 1986 [RSCH]

Dictionary of library terms, English-Arabic
Z1006 .B36 1985 [RSCH]

A dictionary of literary terms : (English-French-Arabic), with French and Arabic indexes
PJ6680 .W135 [RSCH ; REF]

A dictionary of modern Lebanese proverbs
PN6519 .A7 F98 1974 [RSCH]

A dictionary of modern written Arabic : (Arab.-Engl.); ed. by J. Milton Cowan
PJ6640 .W42 1979 [REF]

A dictionary of the social sciences : English-French-Arabic, with an Arabic-English glossary and a French-English glossary
H40 .B32 1982 [RSCH]

Dictionnaire détaillé des noms des vêtements chez les Arabes
PJ6680 .D755 [RSCH]

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Eléments de bibliographie des études arabes
Z3013 .M37 [RSCH]

The Encyclopaedia of Islam. CD-ROM edition.
DS35.53 .E53 1995 [REF]

The Encyclopaedia of Islam. EI2.
DS37 .E52 [REF]

Encyclopaedia of Islam. E.J. Brill’s first encyclopaedia of Islam, 1913-1936
DS35.53 .E53 1987 [REF]

Encyclopedia of the modern Middle East
DS43 .E53 1996 [REF]

Encyclopaedia of the Qur’an
BP133 .E53 2001 [REF]

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Fihris al-makhtutat al-‘ilmiyah al-mahfuzah bi- Dar al-Kutub al-Misriyah
Z6611.S4 D37 1981 [RSCH-OVERSIZE]

Z7052 .I145 1966 [REF]

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Geschichte der arabischen litteratur
PJ7510 .B8 [REF]

Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums
Z7052 .S522 [RSCH ; REF]

A grammar of the Arabic language
PJ6305 .C342 1986 [RSCH]

Guide to reference books for Islamic studies
BP161.2 .G4 1985 [REF]

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A handbook of early Muhammadan tradition Alphabetically arranged
BP135.2 .W46 [REF]

An historical atlas of Islam
G1786.S1 H5 [REF ; UGLS]

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Ibn Khallikan’s Biographical dictionary
DS35.5 .I13512 [RSCH]

Inbah al-ruwah ‘ala anbah al-nuhah
PJ6063 .Q125 [RSCH]

Index Islamicus, 1665-1905 : a bibliography of articles on Islamic subjects in periodicals and other collective publications / compiled by W.H. Behn.
Z7835.M6 B44 1989 [REF]

Index Islamicus, 1906-1955; a catalogue of articles on Islamic subjects in periodicals and other collective publications, compiled by J. D. Pearson, Librarian, with the assistance of Julia F. Ashton.
Z7835.M6 L92 [REF]

Index Islamicus (East Grinstead, England)
Z7835.M6 Q32 [REF]

Index Islamicus.Index Islamicus (London, England : 1983)
Z7835.M6 L921 [REF]

Index Islamicus (London, England : 1983)
Z7835.M6 L62 BP161.2

Index islamicus on CD-ROM <computer file> : a bibliography of publications on Islam and the Muslim world since 1906 / edited by G.J. Roper and C.H. Bleaney
DS44 .I53 1998 [REF]

Index Islamicus. Supplement
Z7835.M6 L921 [REF]

Index Libanicus : analytical survey of publications in European languages on Lebanon
Z3466 .S24 [REF]

Introduction to the history of the Muslim East: a bibliographical guide
Z3013 .S262 [REF]

Introductory guide to Middle Eastern and Islamic bibliography
Z3013 .I67 1990 [RSCH]

Islam in paperback
Z7835 .M6 I82 [RSCH]

The Islamic Near East and North Africa : an annotated guide to books in English for non-specialists
Z3013 .L653 [REF]

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Jordanian arabic between diglossia and bilingualism : linguistic analysis
PJ6060.J67 S8 1986 [RSCH]

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PJ7765 .A4 K19 [RSCH]

Kitab al-ta‘rifat
PJ6620 .J95 1969 [REF]

Kitab jamharat al-lughah
PJ6620 .I122 [RSCH]

Kitab nuj‘at al-ra’id wa shurat al-warid fi al-mutaradif wa-al-mutawarid
PJ6190 .Y355 1970 [RSCH]

al-Kutub al-‘Arabiyah allati nushirat fi al-Jumhuriyah al-‘Arabiyah al-Muttahidah (Misr) bayna ‘amay 1926-1940: dirasah wa-bibliyujrafya
Z3651 .N975 [REF]

al-Kutub al-‘Arabiyah allati nushirat fi Misr bayna ‘amay 1900-1925
Z3651 .N88 1983 [REF]

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Lisan al-‘Arab
PJ6620 .I13 1966 [RSCH]

PJ6620 .I13 1981 [RSCH]

PJ6620 .I13 [REF]

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Markaz al-Mu‘jam al-Fiqhi <computer file>
KBL .M372 1996 [LETRS Consult staff]

Masadir al-dirasah al-adabiyah
PJ7521 .D12 [RSCH ; REF]

al-Mawsu‘ah al-‘Arabiyah al-‘alamiyah
AE10.55 .M39 1996 [REF]

al-Mawsu‘ah al-‘Arabiyah al-muyassarah
AE90 .A7 M98 [RSCH]

al-Mawsu‘ah al-Misriyah
DT45 .M462 [RSCH]

al-Mawsu‘ah al-Qur’aniyah
BP130 .I155 [RSCH]

Mawsu‘at al-mawrid : da’irat ma‘arif Inkiliziyah ‘Arabiyah / ta’lif Munir al-Ba‘labakki
AE10.55 .B34 1980 [RSCH]

Mawsu‘at Jamal ‘Abd al-Nasir fi al-fiqh al-Islami
BP142 .M462 1966 [RSCH]

The Middle East: a selected bibliography of recent works, 1960- 1970
Z3013 .H848 1970 [REF]

The Middle East : a selected bibliography of recent works, supplement
Z3013 .H8481 Suppl. Vols 1-8 [REF]

Middle East and Islam : a bibliographical introduction
Z3013 .M48 1979 [REF] [copy 2, RSCH]

Middle East and Islam : a bibliographical introduction : supplement, 1977-1983
Z3013 .M48 1986 Suppl. [REF] [copy 2, RSCH]

Middle East bibliography
Z3013 .S54 1992 [REF]

The Middle East (Southwest Asia) : a bibliography on the Third World
Z3013 .M53 1982 [REF]

A Middle East studies handbook
DS61 .B3 1984 [RSCH ; REF]

Middle East studies : international perspectives on the state of the art
DS61.8 .M525 1990 [RSCH]

The modern Middle East : a guide to research tools in the social sciences The Near East (South-west Asia and North Africa); a bibliographic study
Z3013 .S55 [REF]

The modern Middle East : a reference guide
Z3013 .P76 1987 [RSCH]

Mu‘jam al-aghlat al-lughawiyah al-mu‘asirah : yu‘aliju al-aghlat al-lughawiyah al-mu‘asirah wa-yubayyinu sawabaha ma‘a al- sharh wa-al-amthilah
PJ6161 .A237 1984 [RSCH]

Mu‘jam al-alfaz wa-al-a‘lam al-Qur’aniyah
BP133 .I145 1969 [RSCH]

al-Mu‘jam al-falsafi
B48 .A7 K3 1979 [RSCH]

al-Mu‘jam al-falsafi bi-al-alfaz al-‘Arabiyah wa-al-Faransiyah wa-al-Inkiliziyah wa-al-Latiniyah
PJ6680 .S165 [RSCH]

Mu‘jam al-matbu‘at al-‘Arabiyah wa-al-mu‘arrabah: wa-huwa shamil li-asma’ al-kutub al-matbu‘ah fi al-aqtar al-sharqiyah wa-al-gharbiyah, ma‘a dhikr asma’ mu’allifiha wa-lumah min tarjamatihim wa-dhalika min yawm zuhur al-tiba‘ah ila nihayat al-sanah al-Hi
Z7052 .S245 [REF]

Mu‘jam al-mu’allifin al-‘-Iraqiyin fi al-qarnayn al- tasi‘ ‘ashar wa-al-‘ashrin, 1800-1969
Z3036 .A964 [REF]

Mu‘jam al-mu’allifin tarajim musannifi al-kutub al- ‘Arabiyah
Z7052 .K12 [REF]

al-Mu‘jam al-mufahras li-alfaz al-Qur’an al-Karim / wadahu Muhammad Fu’ad ‘Abd al-Baqi
BP133 .A135 [REF]

Mu’jam al-mustalahat al-‘Arabiyah fi al-lughah wa-al- adab
PN41 .W19 1984 [RSCH]

Mu‘jam al-mustalahat al-jughrafiyah
G108 .A7 T92 [REF]

Mu‘jam al-mustalahat al-maktabiyah: Injlizi-‘Arabi
PJ6680 .B217 [RSCH]

Mu‘jam al-‘ulum al-ijtima‘iyah
PJ6680 .M958 [REF]

Mu‘jam maqayis al-lughah
PJ6620 .I123 1969 [RSCH]

PJ6620 .I123 [RSCH]

Mu‘jam qaba’il al-‘Arab al-qadimah wa-al-hadithah
DS218 .K125 1968 [RSCH]

al-Mu‘jamat al-‘Arabiyah, bibliyujrafiyah, shamilah mashruhah
Z7052 .G412 [RSCH]

Muhit al-muhit: ay qamus mutawwal lil-lughah al-‘Arabiyah
PJ6620 .B985 [RSCH]

al-Munjid fi al-lughah wa-al-a‘lam
PJ6620 .M96 1973 [RSCH]

al-Mustalahat al-‘askariyah fi al-Qur’an al-karim
BP133 .K453 [RSCH]

Mustalahat al-falsafah
PJ6680 .A255 [RSCH]

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A Near East studies handbook
DS61 .B3 1976 [RSCH]

Nihayat al-arab fi ma’rifat ansab al-’Arab; dictionary of Arab geneology
CS1126 .Q2 [RSCH]

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Oriental and Asian bibliography: an introduction with some reference to Africa
Z7046 .P36 [REF] [copy 2, RSCH]

The Oxford English-Arabic dictionary of current usage; edited by N. S. Doniach
PJ6640 .O984 [REF]

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Qa’imah bibliyujrafiyah bi-a‘mal al-mushtaghilin bi-‘ilm al-ijtima‘ fi Misr
Z7164 .S68 A214 [RSCH]

Qamus al-alfaz wa-al-a‘lam al Qu’raniyah
BP133 .I145 [RSCH]

The quarterly index Islamicus
Z7835.M6 Q3 [REF]

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A reference handbook for Arabic grammar
PJ6307 .L6 1977 [RSCH]

Reference literature to Arabic studies : a bibliographic guide
Z3013 .M4313 [RSCH]

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PJ6101 .I133 1977 [RSCH]

Soviet Middle East studies; an analysis and bibliography
Z3013 .B6 [RSCH]

Supplement aux dictionnaires arabes
PJ6645 .F6 D75 1967 [RSCH]

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Taj al-‘arus min jawahir al-Qamus
PJ6620.F52 M8 1965 [RSCH ; REF]

Takmilat ikmal al-ikmal
D198.3 .I1255 [RSCH]

al-Tarikh al-‘Arabi qa’imah bibliyujrafiyah: A selected and annotated bibliography of books and periodicals in Western languages dealing with the Near and Middle East with special emphasis on mediaeval and modern times
Z3013 .D2131 [REF]

Tartib al-Qamus al-muhit ‘ala tariqat al-misbah al-munir wa-asas al-balaghah
PJ6620 .F52 Z3 1971 [REF]

Texts in the Iraq Museum
PJ3711 .B14 [RSCH]

al-Thabat al-bibliyujrafi lil-a‘mal al-mutarjamah, 1956- 1967
Z7052 .B138 [RSCH]

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al-Usul al-‘Arabiyah lil-dirasat al-Lubnaniyah: dalil bibliyughrafi bi-al-maraji‘ al-‘Arabiyah al-muta‘aliqah bi-tarikh Lubnan
Z3481 .D125 [RSCH]

al-Usul al-‘Arabiyah lil-dirasat al-Sudaniyah
Z3711 .D126 [RSCH]

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Wafayat al-a‘yan wa-anba’ abna’ al-zaman
DS35.5 .I135 1948 [RSCH]

Who’s who in Saudi Arabia
CT1890 .W47 [Latest ed. in REF]

Wörterbuch der klassischen arabischen Sprache;
PJ6571 .W6 [REF]

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