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This publication is an alphabetical list of periodical titles relevant to classical studies held by the Indiana University-Bloomington Libraries. The definition of "periodical" is broad: it refers to any publication issued regularly or irregularly over time, with no planned finite number of volumes or date of completion. Included are scholarly journals that have ceased publication (e.g. Medieval and Renaissance Studies) or undergone title changes (e.g. California Studies in Classical Antiquity was continued by Classical Antiquity), as well as those currently being published. Monographic series (e.g. Loeb Classical Library) and publications of associations and societies (e.g. Petronian Society Newsletter) are also listed.

Entries are listed in alphabetical order by periodical title:

AnnŽe philologique, L'.
Call number: Reference Z 7016 .M35
Holdings: 1+; 1924+

The first line of the above example is the title of the periodical.

The next line indicates location and call number of the periodical. Unless otherwise noted, the location is the Research Collections stacks of the Main Library. In this example the location is the Reference Department of the Main Library, and the call number Z 7016 .M35.

The next line lists the volume numbers and years of the periodical owned by the I.U. Libraries. The "+" denotes a current subscription, with holdings of all issues from that number/year on. In the above case, the "+" indicates that I.U. owns volumes 1 to current, or, in other words, 1924 to present.

Three other notes may appear in the entries:

Beau David Case
Columbus, Ohio
October 1996

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