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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The Great Depression defined a generation of Americans. Their stories increasingly live only through the letters and photos, documents and memories they've left behind.

As a measure of today's economic uncertainty, the Great Depression and FDR's New Deal provide a timely focus for IU's fourth annual celebration of archives and special collections. As part of this month-long celebration of archives and special collections entitled "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Documenting the Great Depression," the subject librarians of the Wells Library have put together this Web page and series of posters throughout the East Tower of the library.

The twelve years of Franklin Roosevelt's presidency were a time for experimentation and creativity. Not only did various agencies build roads, buildings, dams, monuments and national park facilities, but the New Deal also supported the arts - painting murals, performing plays and concerts, writing guide books, photographing America and surveying archives and building.

Many of the government programs are still with us today, such as Social Security, the FDIC and Greenbelt communities. We may not even realize that they grew out of the New Deal and FDR's presidency.

Come and rediscover the legacies of the New Deal!