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Automated Bibliographic Control Committee
January 11, 2006
Virtual Mid-Winter Meeting

Present: Tim Larson (Indiana), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin), Soobum Kim (Stanford), Beth Feinberg (UCLA), Kay Sinnema (Library of Congress), Emily Ray (Yale), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Diana Brooking (Washington), Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Inna Gudanets (Stanford), Lydia W. Wasylenko (Syracuse), Brenda Carter (Pittsburgh), Manon Theroux (Yale, CC:DA Liaison)

  • Minutes: The minutes from the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, June 2005, were approved as submitted.

  • Letter to LC Regarding Cataloging in Vernacular Script: As vernacular cataloging becomes a reality, some problems have become clear to members of the Slavic cataloging community. Current documentation fails to offer clear guidance on using vernacular (in our case, Cyrillic) in certain areas of a bibliographic record. Some fields (e.g., 245, 246, 250, 260, 505) are relatively straight forward, but others can be troublesome, especially those that are under authority control rules (e.g., 1XX, 7XX, 8XX). Many of these problems would be solved once the MARC authority format incorporates vernacular data. There is also a problem with both roman and Cyrillic scripts in the same field, as in a 245 with parallel titles, or in a subject heading in Cyrillic with English subfields. Tim pointed out that the CONSER Editing Guide offers more comprehensive guidelines for some of these issues.

    In the meantime, three committee members, Andy Spencer, Tim Larson and Brenda Carter have been working on a draft of a letter outlining our concerns as Slavic catalogers. An outline of these issues was circulated. They have agreed to continue working on the letter, incorporating additional info from this meeting, and will hopefully have a more complete document by the annual meeting in June. The question of to whom to send this letter (LC, CPSO, PCC) was raised. Once the document is complete, the committee can decide to which institutions to send it.

  • Report on RDA from CC:DA: The ABC has a new CC:DA liaison, Manon Theroux. She provided a report for the committee about recent development with RDA. Most notable is the release in December 2005 of the draft of RDA Part I. The JSC has made this draft available for public comment prior to the April 2006 JSC meeting. The deadline for submitting comments using the form is: February 7, 2006. The draft can be viewed at:

    Because of technical difficulties, Manon missed much of the discussion. She later reported that while individual comments are welcome, group responses may carry greater weight. If the ABC wishes to make a group statement, we can send it to JSC through Manon. Individuals' comments can still be made via the web form. She will also be attending more RDA meetings in San Antonio and will have more to report to ABC afterwards.

  • Slavic Cataloging Manual: At the annual conference in Chicago, two suggestions were made: that the ABC would try to divide up the Slavic Cataloging Manual amongst interested members to help make it easier to maintain and monitor, and that the committee would ask for input, corrections, etc. over SLAVLIBS, to enlist outside help with the manual. No further action was taken since Chicago, but we will be asking for volunteers at the next meeting in New Orleans. In the meantime, we will make another call via SLAVLIBS for input from the Slavic community for corrections and input for the manual.

  • Suggestions for new projects and other business: There were no suggestions beyond the ones already mentioned above.

Submitted by Brenda Carter

Last updated 2/02/06