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Access and Preservation Committee
January 21, 2006

Present: Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Cathy Zeljak (George Washington), Diana Brooking (Washington), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Dan Pennell (Pittsburgh), Janice Pilch (Illinois), Emily Ray (Yale), Nick Wharton (Harvard)

  • Minutes: The minutes of the Chicago Annual Conference meeting in 2005 were approved as submitted.

  • SEES Home Page: Janice Pilch will send Cathy Zeljak the changes that need to be made to the SEES By-Laws on the website. Cathy will also remove the Cataloging FAQ. Jackie Byrd, as SEES Secretary, will begin to maintain the SEES minutes on the Indiana server, and Cathy will link to them from her website. Jackie will maintain the "look and feel" of the SEES page on her page.

  • JStor Brad Schaffner led a discussion about a joint SEES-AAASS B&D Committee project to work JStor to identify Slavic materials to digitization. Brad said that JStor is interested in having Slavic librarians prioritize appropriate journals, in particular widely used and widely held materials.

  • What should APC Committee Do?: Brad and Cathy led a discussion on what the committee should be working on, pointing out that the committee had been organizing presentations at past conferences. Janice Pilch suggested that a "hot topic" was mass digitization and that it was an appropriate one for this committee. Could the committee work with institutions on mass digitization projects? Could it coordinate projects? Among the comments made in this discussion were:

    • Would this duplicate what's being done by the AAASS Digital Database?
    • Many libraries are focusing their internal digitization efforts on unique collections, and not on what the vendors are doing.
    • Vendors need pressure to make software interoperable with regard to non-roman scripts and non-Western languages.
    • The committee could list grant opportunities for digitization and link to this and to the B&D digital database.
    • What should be digitized first? Shouldn't it be the most important materials?

  • Virtual Meeting at Annual?: Brad led a discussion on virtual meetings for this committee. It was pointed out that virtual meeting were only approved for Mid-Winter, and it was decided that virtual meetings were not appropriate for this committee in general anyway.

Submitted by Jackie Byrd

Last updated 2/02/06