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Executive Committee
January 21, 2006

Present: Dan Pennell (Pittsburgh), Diana Brooking (Washington), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Janice Pilch (Illinois), Emily Ray (Yale), Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Cathy Zeljak (George Washington)

  • Minutes: The minutes from the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, June 2005, were approved as submitted.

  • Committee Reports:
    • 2005 Program Planning Committee:Janice Pilch reported that the program in Chicago was well attended, with around 136 attendees. She suggested that it's good for SEES to co-sponsor with another group. The program, "Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts: East and West," featured three speakers:
      • David Birnbaum (University of Pittsburgh) opened with a discussion of "Manuscript Description and Quantitative Codicology"
      • David Reynolds (Johns Hopkins University) followed with a presentation on the Roman de la Rose Project
      • Colum Hourihane (Princeton University) outlined the 90-year history of "The Index of Christian Art
    • Access and Preservation Committee: No report was made, since everyone in the room had just attended the meeting of the Access and Preservation Committee.
    • Newsletter Committee: Minutes of the committee's virtual meeting were distributed, Sandra Levy reported on the committee's virtual meeting that took place on January 12th prior to the conference. Sandra said that the meeting went smoothly took 1 hour 20 minutes.
    • Automated Bibliographic Control Committee: Minutes of the committee's virtual meeting were distributed, and Dan Pennell, in chair Brenda Carter's absence, reported that the committee had problems with their virtual meeting. Diana Brooking urged SEES members to provide input to the RDA draft that she distributed.

  • Membership Issues: Dan reported that SEES membership is up from 225 to 244, saying that personal memberships are up 12.4% from 185 to 208, but that organizational memberships are actually lower than last year. He had a response from one "dropped" member who said that she left SEES (and ALA) due to the cost.

    Brad urged committee chair to check committee rosters to see who was going off of their committees and to contact him for committee appointment forms. Dan reminded chairs that ACRL has begun to enforce the term limits on committee appointments, at least in some cases."

  • Informal Discussion on Program Planning: An informal meeting to discuss SEES Program planning was held earlier in the day. The discussion focused on ideas about future ideas for SEES programs. It had already been decided that there would be no program for 2007. Among the ideas expressed were:
    • It is important to keep the option of having a program open for future years
    • We need to keep in mind that it's no longer the responsibility of the section chair or vice-chair to organize a program - anyone can take this on
    • We should have a planning meeting at the Annual Conference to discuss ideas
    • Broader topics can draw better audiences, e.g. area studies, Unicode, digitization, etc.
    • Some ideas for possible future program topics were:
      • The shift from Area Studies to Globalization in academic libraries
      • The focus on Central Asian studies for Title VI funding
      • The need for policy-driven results for federal funding
      • A look at curricula since 1990 to see how they have changed
      • Sources related to EU succession/accession

    Submitted by Jackie Byrd

    Last updated 2/02/06