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Newsletter Committee
January 12, 2006
Virtual Mid-Winter Meeting
Called to Order 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Present: Terri Miller (MSU), chair, Allan Urbanic (UC-Berkeley), Marta Deyrup (Seton Hall), Jean Dickinson (UC-Berkeley), Kay Sinnema (LC), Sandra Levy (U Chicago), Stanislav Orlov (Toronto), Tatiana Barr (U Florida), Bradley Schaffner (Harvard), Emily Ray (Yale) Anna L Shparberg (Rice) Michael Brewer (U Arizona)

Allan Urbanic gave the financial report: We continue to be funded enough by ACRL that only the costs of postage and incidentals are covered by SEES Newsletter funds

We will resume mailing the Newsletter first class to active members of SEES. This should help with the late arrival of Newsletter that some people have problems with. The rest of the Newsletters will be sent in bulk. We will order 450 copies this year to be sure to have enough to cover all of our new memberships.

A question about an electronic version of the Newsletter, as a solution to the timeliness problem came up, but was deferred to the Other Business section of the meeting

Status reports for the different sections of the Newsletter were then given. All are in progress; several are waiting for more contributions.

Kay Sinemma then gave us her requirements when submitting material to her for editing.

In the Other Business section, Sandra Levy agreed to report on the meeting at the SEES Executive meeting in San Antonio.

The question of an electronic version of the Newsletter was then raised again. We will look into how to prepare a .pdf format to mount on the web site as a supplement to the print edition. Terri Miller also mentioned the need to mount the older issues as well. Many pointed out the need to keep the print version for ease of use, as well as for wish to send them on exchange to different libraries in Europe.

To conclude the meeting, Terri Miller mentioned that she should be available until mid February. She will contact Gareth Perkins to tell him Sandra Levy will be handling the final details. She and Kay Sinemma will be co-editors of this issue. Several members express their thanks for a well run virtual meeting. The meeting was over at 2:20 p.m.

Submitted by Sandra Levy, (U of Chicago)

Last updated 2/02/06