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Automated Bibliographic Control Committee
January 20, 2007

Present: Diana Brooking (Chair-ABC)(Washington), Brad Schaffner (Chair-SEES)(Harvard), David Chroust (Texas A&M), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Regina Koury (USC), Oksana Kraus (Cleveland Public Library), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Liladhar R. Pendse (UCLA), Gabriella Reznowski (Washington State), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin-Madison), Cathy Zeljak (GWU)

Minutes from ALA Annual 2006, New Orleans: approved with minor corrections.

Slavic Cataloging Manual maintenance:
  • defer major changes until after RDA finalized which will affect sections on descriptive cataloging and authorities.
  • minor changes ok, such as related to independence of Montenegro
  • check on need for continued support of RLIN cataloging
  • Reference Sources section: eliminate Princeton University Library call numbers
  • What are the usage statistics for the Slavic Cataloging Manual? Since it lives on an Indiana Univ. web-server, can Jackie Byrd find out usage statistics?
  • Finding volunteers for reviewing the manual will be done over email after Midwinter.
  • It was agreed that small changes like fixing typos, reporting dead links and other corrections can go directly to Jackie Byrd (webmaster for the Manual). More substantive changes to contents will be discussed over email by ABC members before going to Jackie.
PCC's response to ABC's request for more detailed guidelines for adding non-Roman fields: PCC did not commit itself to any definite action beyond reviewing the ALCTS Task Force on Non-English Access report, but acknowledged a problem exists. Recommendation #3 of the Task Force report is to charge the PCC and CC:DA with coming up with guidelines for all non-Roman languages. It seems that non-Roman fields in Authority records may be implemented sooner rather than later, maybe. OCLC, LC, and other NACO nodes are moving forward on it. One of ABC's biggest concerns (adding parallel non-Roman fields to access points) may be resolved by this new development.

Cataloging current issues: what is the impact of LC's series decision? Which institutions are still doing full series authority work? Diana Brooking suggested sending a query to Slavlibs-l to find out who is still doing full series authority work for Slavic original cataloging, but also suggested making enquiries off the list in a less public manner.

ABC membership: Tim Larson (Indiana) is leaving, Andy Spencer (Wisconsin-Madison) who is ending his first two-year stint will be reenlisting for a second term, Soobum Kim's (Stanford) current term is also ending in 2007. Due to the new on-line membership system that ARCL has started using, they are being much more strict about the limit of two two-year terms on any one committee.

Submitted by Andy Spencer

Last updated 2/01/07