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Executive Committee
January 20, 2007

Present: Janis Bandelin (ACRL), Todd Bludeau (Praxess Associates), Diana Brooking (Washington), Adam Burling (ACRL), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Liladhar R. Pendse (UCLA), Janice Pilch (Illinois), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin-Madison), Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Cathy Zeljak (George Washington).

Minutes: Minutes of the ExCom meeting at the 2006 Annual conference in New Orleans were approved as submitted.

Introductions: Janis Bandelin (ACRL Liaison to SEES) and Adam Burling (ACRL Program Coordinator) were introduced.

Report from ACRL: Janis Bandelin reported on three initiatives undertaken by ACRL.
  • The creation of "Interest Groups" (IGs) within the ACRL structure will expand opportunities to participate in ACRL beyond Sections and Discussion Groups based on areas of interest. IGs are intended to be temporary and include a sunset clause; IGs will be able to submit action plans and thus receive financial report from ACRL. Dues will be collected. ACRL is looking for feedback on the IG initiative. The IG initiation comes in response to feedback from new members who have difficulty finding a "home" in ACRL b/c the current structure doesn't fit their interests. The IG initiative is still in the discussion and planning stages. The board is awaiting feedback on the initiative from the general ACRL membership. Discussion: SEES members were concerned, because of wording in the ACRL document, that IG's would be emphasized over Sections. The wording in question was unfortunate. Clarification. It was explained that Sections will remain as they are now, but that the formation of new IGs would be given precedence over the formation of new Sections. With the IG initiative, ACRL is trying to encourage the creation of new IGs rather than new Sections. There were also questions about the review process for IGs. How would it be determined whether or not they would continue, for how long, and by whom? Who has the ultimate decision?
  • Streamline processes of section governance, namely the transformation of Section bylaws into policies/guidelines. This will allow Sections to revise their governance documents without the lengthy series of approvals that are currently required. Discussion: SEES member reacted positively to proposed changes.
  • Changes in the nominating process for ACRL board members, the purpose of which is to provide more flexibility in the nomination of candidates. Board members would be elected "at large" rather than as representatives from various ACRL bodies, with a few exceptions. This would potentially broaden the range of expertise on the board by allowing ACRL the freedom to seek the nomination of candidates that have an area of expertise that is particularly needed or desired. Discussion: SEES members were generally indifferent toward the proposed changes, as it would not change the regular function and conduct of SEES business.
Committee Reports:

  • Newsletter (Sandra Levy): The size of the budget will remain more or less the same for the upcoming year. This year there were fewer contributions received following the first call. A second call will be issued. Several ideas for cover art were received. A reminder that the deadline for contributions is February 1, since the newsletter text must be sent on by February 8. There was some discussion on Newsletter committee membership.
  • Automated Bibliographic Control (ABC) (Diana Brooking): There was lengthy discussion of updates to the Slavic cataloging manual and several other cataloging issues. Volunteers were requested from ABC members to monitor the manual. ABC is currently waiting for guidance from RDA before making major updates.
  • Access and Preservation Committee (A&P) (Cathy Zeljak): Changes to the website were mentioned. Confirmation of Janice Pilch's presentation on the status of the Section 108 copyright law revision.

Membership Issues

Current Statistics (Brad Schaffner): Membership dropped form 209 in 2005 to 2002 in 2006. Both retirement and cost were cited as factors in the recent decrease. New SEES brochures are now available. 2000 total copies have been printed. The budget for SEES for the new year will be $750 - for basic services, $120 - for labels, and $1,200 - for the Newsletter. Brad mentioned that the European Subcommittee of the International Relations Committee is looking for new members. They tend to meet on Saturday morning. If you are interested in joining, please let Brad know.

New Appointments and renewals (Andy Spencer): The electronic system for committee appointments is now up and running. Recommendation to create a link on the SEES website to the ACRL membership application form.

Ideas or suggestions for future SEES programs or activities

2007: Last year SEES was invited by WESS to be a joint sponsor for the program, entitled "Not your Grandmother's 'old country.'" The program points out that twenty-first century Europe is multicultural and wired, enlivened by new Eastern European member states and by emerging European Digital Library and information policy initiatives. The program will be held at the Annual conference in Washington, DC. 2008: The Action Plan, submitted by Brad Schaffner on behalf of SEES, was intended to provide support for conference attendance to new SEES members. Unfortunately, it was not approved.

Submitted by Jon Giullian

Last updated 2/01/07