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Automated Bibliographic Control Committee
January 24, 2009

Present: Diana Brooking (Washington), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Heghine Hakobyan (Oregon), Zack Lane (Columbia), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Terri Miller (Michigan State),Liladhar Pendse (UCLA), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin), Doug Storer (The Library Coportation), Larisa Walsh (Chicago)

Minutes: The minutes of the June 2008 meeting were approved with corrections.

RDA Update: There are delays with software development for the online version of RDA, and a .pdf version was sent out for comment. Because the deadline for comments was too short for such an extensive document, ABC was unable to send a response.

Non-Latin Scripts in Name Authority Records: Diana Brooking reported that the OCLC project to prepopulate authority records with non-Latin script data has been completed. Personal and corporate name authority records were affected. The group discussed the affects of these non-Latin script references in local systems, especially when they match with headings in parallel fields in bibliographic records.

Expert Community Experiment: Diana Brooking reported that beginning in mid-February all libraries will full cataloging authorization will be able to enhance non DLC/PCC bibliographic records in OCLC.

Slavic Cataloging Manual: Jackie Byrd reported on recent changes made to the Slavic Cataloging Manual:

  • "Fixes" and updates sent by ABC members
  • A draft of a page on adding non-Latin scripts to authority records
  • General "cleanup" of pages
  • There will likely be changes to the Moldovan page soon

Membership: A discussion of committee membership and the need for a new committee chair took place. The topic of virtual meetings was also discussed.

Last updated February 2, 2009