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Executive Committee
January 24, 2009

Present: Terri Miller (Michigan State), Diana Brooking (Washington), Adam Burling (ACRL), Jackie Byrd (Indiana), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Heghine Hakobyan (Oregon), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Liladhar Pendse (UCLA), Janice Pilch (Illinois), Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Andy Spencer (Wisconsin), Larisa Walsh (Chicago)

Minutes: The minutes of the June 2008 meeting were approved with corrections.

Committee Reports:

Newsletter: Sandra Levy reported on the Newsletter Committee's virtual meeting:
  • The budget report at the meeting indicated that the Newsletter is doing well financially.
  • UCLA will be the "Library in Profile" for the upcoming issue.
  • The Committee members are searching for cover art.
  • The Committee had a discussion on when to post new issues online and thought that the printer could create a .pdf file when he is sent the file for printing.
  • Sandra reported that "chat" works well for a very small group but can get confusing with several participants.

Automated Bibliographic Control: Diana Brooking reported on:

  • An RDA update - the deadline for submitting comments on the .pdf version was too short and no response was sent. Instead we will wait for the online product.
  • The Committee discussed the addition of non-Latin scripts to authority records, including OCLC's project to prepopulate authority records with non-Latin script data programmatically.
  • The Committee also discussed membership issues, including the need for a new chair.

Access & Preservation: Brad Schaffner reported on:

  • Cathy Zeljak is willing to continue managing the SEES WebPage in its current format. The ACRL alternative did not look desirable at this time, and it was decided to continue with the current SEES WebPage under Cathy's leadership.
  • The committee hopes to host another mini-presentation at the annual meeting in Chicago
  • The Committee will encourage CRL to focus on Slavic and East European newspapers when they finish microfilming the Latin American newspapers.
  • The Eurasian Sub-Committee of the International Relations Committee: Brad is chair of the Sub-committee and wants to investigate the openness of access to archives in that area, following some complaints from scholars who have reported trouble. Brad would like to work with SEES and with B&D on this project to determine whether there are problems and, if so, to encourage open access to archives in Eurasia. Brad also encouraged SEES members to volunteer to serve on the Sub-committee.

ACRL News: Terri Miller reported on the following:

  • ACRL is looking at shortening the Annual and Mid-Winter conferences by a day, and this may impact meeting titimes. If accepted, this would begin at the 2010 conferences.
  • Issues with using ACRL's servers section websites were reported. SEES, therefore, decided to stay with the current website for the time being.
  • SEES will co-sponsor a program on translation with WESS at the 2009 Annual Conference.
  • For the 2010 conference, there are two possibilities, and SEES could decide to do both:
    • Co-sponsor with GODORT and WESS a preconference on European Union Information.
    • Have a program, possibly co-sponsored with AAMES, as a follow-up to the Area Studies Program SEES had 10 years ago.

Governance Procedures: Andy Spencer distributed printouts of a draft of the new SEES Governance Procedures that will replace the section's bylaws. The primary issues discussed were:

  • What to do if the positions of chair and chair-elect/vice-chair were vacated simultaneously. It was decided that the position of chair would be filled by the Executive Committee. The new chair would then select the vice-chair/chair-elect who would then become chair for the following term.
  • What to do if the position of past-chair were vacated. It was decided that this position would just remain vacant.

Membership: Jon Giullian reported that the deadline for volunteering for a committee is Feb. 15th. The majority of applications should then be completed by May 1st. Jon will finalize appointments in the database.

Possible SEES/WESS Merger: Terri Miller led the discussion that had begun at the Executive Committee meeting in Anaheim, June, 2008. She reported that she had discussions with Laura Bischoff and Gordon Anderson from WESS, and she will attend a WESS meeting later in the conference. Both groups expressed interest in streamlining but expressed concern over losing identity. Both groups agreed that a new group would need to be formed, rather than have one of the groups merge with an existing group. Terri reported that WESS has 499 members, SEES 184 member, and there are 61 people belonging to both groups. Issues identified in the SEES discussion included:

  • Forming a new group is better than being absorbed
  • Would "Slavic" remain in title?
  • Would it just be the "European" Section?
  • "Eurasia" needs to be included, as it is in the new name for AAASS, the Association of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies.
  • The opportunity for significant national service will be lessened greatly.
  • What happens to our committees?
  • WESS seems to have divisions by both function and language groups.
  • What's the advantage? Being in a discussion group doesn't count for nearly as much.
  • It won't fix our basic problem - we would still have to find members for groups.
  • Area Studies don't really identify with Western Europe.
  • Would AAMES be a better fit, since we are part of the non-Western world and deal with non-Latin languages? Is the EU enough to define us?
  • What would happen to the Newsletter?

Last updated February 2, 2009