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Newsletter Committee
January 13, 2009, 2:03 CST - 3:07 CST (Virtual Meeting in GMAIL)

Attended by: Terry Miller, MSU; Kay Sinnema, LC; Anna Shparberg, Rice; Jean Dickenson, UC-Berkeley.

Sandra Levy chaired the meeting. The meeting started with all but Jean, who came in a little later. Allan Urbanic and Tatiana Barr sent their regrets.

The minutes from the Summer 2008 meeting were approved.

Sandra submitted Allan Urbanic's treasury report. With continued support from ACRL and our subscriptions, the treasury remains in good shape.

Progress reports from the various newsletter sections were discussed. We exchange information from one to another about what we had so far. Items that require follow up include:

Library in Profile - Will Liladhar write one for UCLA? (Yes, he will. We found out at the regular Midwinter meeting.)

Jean will look into cover ideas.

Digital questions.

  • Where will the archive live? At the moment it's at University of Washington. I will ask Gareth if he can create a .pdf from the files at his end.
  • More discussion about the section website is scheduled for the midwinter meeting.

Mechanics of timing.

  • We discussed the various deadlines of what needs to be done when. We hope to get the various sections to our managing editor (Anna Shparberg) by February 6. Submissions are due to editors by February 2.
  • We send the final text to Gareth Perkins, our printer, in early April.
  • We also get the mailing list at about the same time.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:07 p.m. EST

Last updated February 2, 2009