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Access and Preservation Committee
January 16, 2010

  • Present: Robin Haun Mohamed (US GPO), Tatyana Chubaryan (Texas A&M), Larisa Walsh (Chicago), Kirill Tolpygo (UNC at Chapel Hill), Jon Giullian (Kansas), Brad Schaffner (Harvard), Cathy Zeljak (George), Patricia Thurston (Yale), Yuan Li (Massachusetts), Deb Wender (NEDCC), Sandra Levy (Chicago), Heghine Hakobyan (Oregon)

  • Welcome and introductions.

  • Minutes: Agenda and minutes were approved.

  • Committee membership: The committee is seeking new members to fill vacancies of three members of the Committee who will cycle off in June 2010 (Brad Schaffner, Diana Brooking and Sandra Levy). The Criterion for membership is to be a member of ACRL/SEES.

  • SEES web site: Cathy Zeljak agreed to continue to maintain the SEES web site. Other options are also under consideration.

  • Future Projects: The committee discussed future projects and presentations. Discussion addressed three ideas:

    • Ideas for a "mini-presentation" at 2010 ALA Annual?
    • Is there a role for the committee coordinate digital projects?
    • What is the role of this committee in regard to digital preservation?

    It was agreed that the committee should continue its tradition of mini-presentations at the annual meeting. These presentations usually last about 30 minutes and are a part of the agenda for the meeting. Last year Liladhar Pendse from UCLA gave a presentation on the web archiving of web sites of South Asian Extremist Organizations. Past programs have included presentations on the Harvard Project on Soviet Social System Online and a presentation on Khrushchev's digitized audio archives.

    Patricia Thurston mentioned that Yale University Press has been digitizing the Stalin archives. The development team has just finished a new interface, which makes the archives easier to use. She had the opportunity to try out the new interface and she suggested that the Access and Preservation committee invite someone from this project to present at the A&P meeting at the 2010 ALA Annual Conference The challenge would be finding a place where we could have access to the internet. Cathy suggested holding the session at GWU library. Patricia agreed to contact someone at YUP about this request.

    Another big project is Yeltsin's Presidential Library in Russia. They hope to preserve and make accessible Yeltsin's documents and they are working with the Library of Congress. It was suggested that if we are unable to get someone from the Stalin Archives project, perhaps we could invite Grant Harris to talk about this project.

    Committee members discussed the possibility of working to create a new online tool to track Slavic digital projects. Patricia suggested that this project could be done in conjunction with AAASS B&D committee. Robin Haun Mohamed from the US GPO, a guest at the meeting, mentioned that the GPO has a web site that does this sort of thing using the open access Juma shareware. It is a cooperative program where various people are given permission to add information. Patricia agreed to follow-up with Robin about this shareware and to explore cooperative work with B&D on the development this project.

  • Other old and/or new business: Brad announced that about 1,200 pages additional content were added to the Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System Online project. The images are currently being reviewed and corrected. Larisa mentioned the ABC committee's web pages, which reflect their activities and work. The A&P committee discussed the possibility of having a more robust presence on the SEES web site for Access and Preservation. A suggestion was made to add the Power Point slides from Liladhar's mini-presentation from last year.

    The meeting concluded with Sandra reminding everyone that they should contact her if anyone is interested in serving on any SEES committees next year.

Last updated March 5, 2010