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Newsletter Committee
January 11, 2010 (Virtual Meeting)

  • Welcome and Introductions: In attendance were Terri Miller, MSU; Jean Dickinson, UC Berkeley; Kay Sinnema, LC; Sandra Levy, U. Chicago; Jason Reuscher, Penn State; Tatiana Barr, Yale; Allan Urbanic, UC Berkeley

  • Status Reports: Everyone reported on their sections. There had been few submissions at this point, so people were hunting elsewhere for information.

  • Library in Profile: We do not have one this time around. Kay suggested that we contact the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill to get a piece on the Savine Collection. She volunteered to contact them.

  • Deadlines, Formats, etc.: Deadline for submissions is Feb. 1. Deadline to get sections to Anna is February 8. We generally have some wiggle room for the Library in Profile and Letter from the Chair/Editor until February 15 or so. It is best to put documents in very simple formatting; Times New Roman 12 is best.

  • Budget: We have a substantial cushion, but we do not yet know how much ACRL is giving us for the Newsletter. They usually give us $1300, and this covers the cost of printing. Since this may be our last print issue, we need to consult with SEES Executive about the Newsletter surplus.

  • Transitioning to electronic: We discussed the fact that ACRL is withdrawing financial support for the print issue and whether we should use our surplus to continue in print for another year or two. We decided that it would be best to make the transition now, since our print distributor (Allan) is leaving, both editors are leaving, and a new editor can start new without having to learn how to do a print newsletter.

  • Transitioning to a new chair/editor: No one felt they had enough experience or could take over the role of chair, so Terri will consult with SEES Executive about how to follow up with a possible call on Slavlibs.

Last updated March 5, 2010