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Executive Committee
June 25, 2011

Present: Patricia Thurston (Yale University), Barbara Krupa (Stanford University) Liladhar Pendse (Princeton University), Sandra Levy (University of Chicago), Larisa Walsh (University of Chicago), Masha Misco (Miami University), Andy Spencer (University of Washington-Madison), Brad Schaffner (Harvard University), Jon Giullian (University of Kansas), Elizabeth Psyck (Grand Valley State University),  Adam Burling (Association of College and Research Libraries)

Welcome and Introduction of Officers: The Executive Committee officers are:

  • Sandra Levy (Chair 2010-2011)
  • Liladhar Pendse (Vice-Chair in 2010-2011, incoming chair for 2011-2012)
  • Patricia Thurston (incoming Vice-Chair for 2011-2012)
  • Jon Giullian (Past Chairperson)
  • Larisa Walsh (ABC Committee Chair)
  • Masha Misco (incoming ABC Committee Chair)
  • Brad Schaffner (Access and Preservation Committee Chair)
  • Kay Sinnema and Elizaberh Psyck (Newsletter Committee Chairs and Editors)
  • Heghine Hakobyan (Secretary 2011-2013)
  • Adam Burling (ACRL Staff Liasion)

Approval of Minutes: Minutes are approved. There are many positive comments on the web version of the electronic SEES Newsletter in pdf. (Portable document format).

Reports from SEES Committees:

Automated Bibliographic Control (ABC) Committee: The ABC Committee discussed an important development that is going to happen in the cataloging world during the next eighteen months. Three US national libraries approved the implementation of Resource Description and Access (RDA). After some changes, improvements, and edits RDA will replace AACR2 and become a new cataloging standard.

The updates of the pre-revolutionary orthography in the Slavic Cataloging Manual are still going on. The Task Force started its work eighteen months ago and produced two documents which are posted on the website. We are still looking at these documents and accepting comments.

The Committee also discussed the results and findings of the Working Group while revising the Library of Congress (LC) Romanization Table for Belarusian. The Working Group, in collaboration with Professor Curt Woolhiser from Harvard University, prepared a revision paper which is ready to be posted on Slavlib listserv, for a broader constituency to look at the document. Then the document will be sent to the LC Policy Committee.

The word about the Slavic Funnel coordinated by Joanna Epstein has been successfully spread. The information about the Slavic Funnel can be found on the Program for Cooperative Cataloging website.

Joanna Epstein received and submitted seven subject headings, including "Legal drama, Russian," "Moscow Basin (Russia)," etc.

ABC Committee will start working on Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information (MARBI) proposal for the extension of non-Slavic characters. Masha Misco, the ABC Committee new incoming chair, will follow up and coordinate this work.

Access and Preservation Committee: The Eurasia and Central Asia Subcommittee of the International Relations Committee (IRC), is organizing a program tentatively titled "Digital Humanities in Eurasia." The Eurasia and Central Asia Subcommittee has invited SEES to be a co-sponsor of the program. After some discussion, the Exec Committee agreed that SEES will co-sponsor this program with the IRC Subcommittee.

The Access and Preservation Committee then made the following recommendation to the Exec Committee:

  1. That SEES consider moving its webpage to Google Sites. But this would only be done after discussion of this option with Cathy Zeljak, the current webmaster;
  2. That SEES purchase the domain name (or some other version) to use the URL for the website.
  3. That a subgroup of the Access and Preservation Committee prepare a new SEES website that would be ready for review at the ALA Midwinter meeting in January 2012.

The Executive Committee approved this action.

Newsletter Committee: All SEES members liked the first electronic Newsletter. The Committee chair has started preparing working documents and instructions for the new incoming chair.

Program Committee: SEES co-sponsored with WESS the program on Current Trends in European Film about the difficulties and questions on acquiring these materials in the United States. The speakers, Milos Stehlik (Facets Multimedia), prepared wonderful clips and talked about European cinema available and shown in the United States and Carleton Jackson (University of Maryland) with moderator Michelle Emanuel (University of Mississippi) gave additional insights and background. They provided the audience with a bibliography/filmography and a list of vendors. These handouts will be available and accessible on both SEES and WESS web pages. The speakers talked about how to get European films into our libraries. 60-70 people attended this session.

The Executive Committee will keep regular communication with WESS for future collaborations. We are working on a program for 2012 through ALA's IRC committee. The program will be organized by Liladhar Pendse and Brad Schaffner. Patricia will maintain communication with WESS and other ACRL sections, which will help to avoid duplications in efforts. She will be looking for joint opportunities in 2013. We can always offer and bring East European and Eurasian components to appropriate programs, such as before and after the collapse and immigration between east and west.

Nominations Committee: We have two candidates for 2012, so we are in good shape. We appointed the committee chair.

The Need for a SEES Only Communication Line: When Allan Urbanic retired, the administration of the Slavlib listserv was taken over by Sandra Levy. Slavlib does not allow vendor participation in the listserv. Sandra has recently got a request from someone who is a member of SEES but works for Project Muse. For this reason it is important for SEES to have its own listserv. In the past, Jackie set up two of them: one for SEES members with e-mail addresses, and the Executive list for discussion of minutes.

Adam Burling has mentioned that technically the section can subscribe individuals to the listserv when they become members. ACRL sends a letter to new members, which says how to subscribe. The letter also includes information on how to unsubscribe. According to ALA policy the listserv is supposed to be open and ALA will never unsubscribe any of its subscribers. SEES can try to update the SEES members listserv by sending invitation letters. This way a member can participate in the section work virtually. We will ask Jackie Byrd if she would like to do this and become an administrator.

ACRL Committee Reports: The ACRL Business Committee meeting was attended by Jon Giullian, Patricia Thurston and Sandra Levy. Communities of Practice Assembly took SEES comments seriously and created a long document which is available electronically. They will organize a Task Force to work on the implementation. Three years ago they created interest groups and gave them a three-year-sunset period. A lot of interest groups do not want to stop their activities after the expiration of the sunset period. Interest groups can transform into sections. Also they can become "second life" interest groups. Discussion groups operate around timely hot topics.

Other Business: Adam Burling spoke about the ACRL orientation meeting and peer review process, membership, listserv, and the section's basic funds to be spent before August 1.

Last updated August 2, 2011