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Newsletter Committee
June 25, 2011

Elizabeth Psyck (Grand Valley State University), Liladhar Pendse (Princeton University), Barbara Krupa (Stanford University), Patricia Thurston (Yale University), Sandra Levy (University of Chicago), Larisa Walsh (University of Chicago), Jon Giullian (University of Kansas), Masha Misco (Miami University), Jason Reuscher (Pennsylvania State University), Andy Spencer (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Robert C. Morgan (Library of Congress), Brad Schaffner (Harvard University), Heghine Hakobyan (University of Oregon)

Elizabeth Psyck, co-chair with Kay Sinnema, raised a question about the delivery and dissemination of the electronic newsletter: “Is sending an e-mail to SEES members and posting the link on Slavic librarians listserv (Slavlib) reaching everyone?” Apparently, yes. Access to the electronic SEES Newsletter is also provided through SEES webpages, the Newsletter temporary website at ¬†and the University of Washington. The newsletter is in pdf. format with an option for printing. SEES members liked the Newsletter.

The Newsletter Committee needs to think about future editors since Kay and Elizabeth are stepping down. Kay is currently working on some documentation that will be helpful for the new editor. Moreover, all the members of the Newsletter Committee are ending their service in 2012. Since Jon Giullian is administering the financial affairs of the Newsletter, he will become a member. Anna Shparberg has been working as a managing editor for several years. Traditionally, the manager steps up to the position of editor. We have been sending surveys to new members where people express their desire to serve in a specific area. We can approach those who are interested in publishing. Jon Giullian will resend Liladhar Pendse and Patricia Thurston the survey forms. The Committee has no actual limits, anyone can join and participate virtually. Babara Krupa expressed the desire to serve as a communication coordinator for the Newsletter Committee.

Last updated August 2, 2011